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By author: Bob Yandian
Book Size: 6.00 X 9.0000
Book Type: Paperback / softback
Page Count: 272
Publisher: Empowered Life Academic
ISBN: 9781680311471
Case Count: 72
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Almost three-quarters of a century after Hebrew believers turned the world upside down, much of the church at Jerusalem had become mired in the legalistic trenches of Judaism and mixed the Mosaic law with their faith in Christ. Like a disease, this tainted doctrine spread to rest of the church, provoking the apostle Paul to respond with what has become one of the most intricate and astounding revelations of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

Using historic biblical detail and nuances from the original Greek, Bob Yandian dissects Paul’s brilliant argument for the superiority of Jesus Christ, starting with an introduction to the hypostatic union. Yandian then goes on to explore, verse-by-verse, several other themes including the walk of maturity, the reality of authority, and the importance of faith. Yandian’s commentary is concerned not only with enlightenment, but with application as believers are challenged to take their place as coheirs of the risen and glorified King of kings.

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