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Is God Listening?
By author: Rick Shelton
Book Size: 5.50 X 8.5000
Book Type: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781680311969
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Will Ship On: March 2018
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Price:  $13.99

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There was a time when author and Pastor Rick Shelton resorted to prayer only when he encountered a real problem or found himself in a jam. Even then, his most frequent prayer was “Help!” He knew spending time in prayer was vital, but he simply did not know how to pray. He would pray everything he could think of then discover only five minutes had passed. His prayer life left him feeling frustrated, disappointed and condemned.

Have you ever felt the same way about prayer?

We all have. And yet, the truth is that we all need someone who knows how to pray to teach us to pray. In Is God Listening? Pastor Shelton shares how he laid aside his watch and set out to know the One on the other side of prayer—the One who receives our prayers. This changed everything! Suddenly his prayers were born out of spending time with God and hearing His heart. He was filled with joy and no longer wanted his prayer time to end. He was strengthened, energized and excited to watch powerful prayers produce results.

Now Pastor Shelton wants to share the prayer secrets he learned with you. He wants to share secrets that turn talking to God into walking with God. Pray will no longer be a religious duty or a drudgery. It will become the easy, inviting, vibrant one-to-one conversation God has been waiting to have with you!


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