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Happy Caldwell
Biography: Pastor Happy Caldwell is the founder and Pastor of Agape Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is also the founder and president of VTN (Victory Television Network) with a four state outreach. In 1979 the Lord spoke to him to build a spiritual production center to deliver the Gospel throughout the city, state, nation, and world. Today, Pastor Caldwell travels worldwide preaching the Word of God with a simplicity that brings a revelation of the character of God to those who hear. He is also a successful author, and together with his wife, Jeanne, has recorded several Gospel music albums. Pastor Caldwell has an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University and is a recipient of the Peter J. Daniel's Achievement Award. Visit the author's website at: www.agape-church.org.
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By author: Happy Caldwell
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ISBN: 9781606835371
Other ISBN: 1606835378
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
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The principles found in this book are principles that Pastor Happy Caldwell has taken and applied from the Word of God. He believes that when you keep the Word of God before you all the time and are led by the Spirit of God, you will be successful in all you set out to accomplish. If God has called you to be a pastor, then it is His desire to see you answer that call and fulfill your assignment with joy.

By author: Happy Caldwell
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ISBN: 9781577949817
Other ISBN: 1577949811
Publisher: Harrison House
Book Type: Paperback 
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The Scripture says perilous times will come, but believers are not to be troubled by them. Author and pastor Happy Caldwell reveals how to live in victory regardless of circumstances - by knowing God's promises of provision and protection and releasing your faith to receive.


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By author: Happy Caldwell
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ISBN: 9781606833360
Other ISBN: 1606833367
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