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April Shenandoah

April Shenandoah has gone from Show Business to God’s Business, and when the passion strikes – political activist. In 1988, she developed an appetite for politics when she served as the Los Angeles press contact for Pat Robertson’s presidential campaign. A few years later, she combined politics and religion on her cable TV show The Bottom Line. Her first book "So…Help Me God" also delved into politics and religion – she says they are the two things we MUST talk about!


Since 2000, April’s column Politics & Religion appeared in the Tolucan Times. After 10 years of writing about controversial political issues, she is now concentrating on more uplifting subject matter.


April had a lesson in faith that changed her direction, and is now helping others to find their godly purpose in life. As an Ambassador of Prayer, she knows that “whatever the question – prayer is the answer.” Her 3H coaching on the body (healthy) soul (happy) and spirit (holy) sets the captives free. She also teaches on the power of words as laid out in Your Tongue Determines Your Destiny.

Also by April Shenandoah
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By author: April Shenandoah
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ISBN: 9781606834213
Other ISBN: 1606834215
Publisher: Harrison House
Book Type: Paperback 
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Author April Shenandoah takes you through real life experiences as she learned about the power of the spoken word. She teaches how we as believers are not practicing one of the most basic Biblical principles - ask, believe, and receive. She teaches that we are to say what we want and expect it.

By author: April Shenandoah
Product Code:
ISBN: 9781680310443
Other ISBN: 1680310445
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
Book Type: Paperback / softback 
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Price: $13.99

Now, this great book has been expanded to include a section entitled “7 Days to Greatness.” You will learn how to become free, to accomplish great things, and achieve a higher level of living through a healthy body, happy soul, and a Holy Spirit that will lead you to greatness!