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Robert Barriger Biography: Robert and his wife Karyn moved to Lima, Peru in 1983 and are settled in for the long haul... you'll often hear them quoting, "long term missions, long term results." They love God's church and have a passion to team up with other churches throughout South America to see them reach their full potential.

Robert Barriger is the founding pastor of Camino de Vida Church in Lima, Peru. Today Camino de Vida is an influential church in Peru and South America. The church is known for their work with orphaned and abandoned children, as well as helping the poor and disabled.

Pastor Robert and Karyn have 2 married children, who serve with them in their work and three beautiful grandchildren.

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  • Honour Found
    By author: Robert Barriger
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    God's Word is quite specific concerning our need to honour one another both as individuals and as communities. We are to honour people in positions of authority and responsibility over us including parents, teachers, social and local leaders, government representatives, authorities, the police, and so on. The purpose of this book is to bring awareness and a return to the principle of honour. God has principles we are to live by - honour being among the most prevalent - if we wish to have a full, satisfying, and significant life.

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  • Honour Found ePub
    By author: Robert Barriger
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    Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
    Product Format: Digital
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  • Honour Found PB
    By author: Robert Barriger
    Product Code: 83401
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    Other ISBN: 1606834010
    Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
    Product Format: Paperback
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    "Honour Found is a great resource that provides insight on the principle of honour, and how to practically apply this principle for success with those you lead, as well as those who lead you."
    John C. Maxwell, Bestselling author and leadership expert, founder of The John Maxwell Company

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