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Janet Boynes founded Janet Boynes Ministries in Maple Grove, MN in 2006. Authored the books: Called Out- A former Lesbian’s Discovery of Freedom and Arise-The Journey from Fear to Faith. She challenges individuals and the church to reach out with a message of hope and restoration to the homosexual community. Her articles have been featured on the front cover of Charisma Magazine, Called Magazine, and Power for Living, Bound Magazine and many more. Her life is proof that the love of God has the power to heal and restore the brokenness in our lives. It's been over eighteen years since she was called out of the lesbian lifestyle. Janet travels the U.S and overseas and shares her story of redemption. Her desire is to bring hope through the power of Jesus Christ.

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  • God & Sexuality
    By author: Janet Boynes
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    As Janet Boynes gives spiritual guidance to parents and pastors around the country, she realized that many of them are flooded with questions about what to do and what to say to someone who struggles with same-sex attraction. Many have asked, “How do we respond to our son/daughter who wants to undergo reassignment surgery?” or “Do we attend our son/daughter’s civil union?

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  • God & Sexuality ePub
    By author: Janet Boynes
    Product Code: 31126
    ISBN: 9781680311266
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    Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
    Product Format: Digital
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