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Marilyn Wheeler Biography:

Marilyn Marie Wheeler is a highly successful woman. She is a widow of her beloved husband, Al, the mother of three, grandmother of seven and great grandmother of four. A native Oklahoman, Marilyn and her late husband rose from the scarcity of their childhoods to prominence in the search for oil and gas.

Following his death, Marilyn led her family through the most difficult times of their lives. She and her husband had always been committed Christians, and in his absence, that commitment did not waver. Marilyn continued to support several ministries and was privileged to serve on the board of Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

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  • The Target
    By author: Marilyn Wheeler
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    ISBN: 9781680311297
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    Al and Marilyn Wheeler were the perfect couple. Well to do and in love, they modeled the perfect family. They had experienced the true blessing of the Lord in their lives and walked into areas of the supernatural that few have experienced. One day, Marilyn was devastated to receive the news that Al had been killed in an accident. She could hardly believe her ears and knew that he was taken far too early.

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  • The Target:A Story of Love, Faith and a Supernatural Life in the Oil Field - ePub
    By author: Marilyn Wheeler
    Product Code: 31159
    ISBN: 9781680311594
    Other ISBN: 168031159X
    Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
    Product Format: Digital
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