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Billy Epperhart is devoted to investing in people. He is passionate about guiding others into a sustainable financial freedom. But he’s interested in more than just teaching people how to reach financial independence: he loves to show others how they can have city and nation impact through their wealth! Billy and his wife Becky live in Colorado, close to their two children and their four grandsons. When he’s not busy writing for his blog on www.billyeppherhart. com, running his two nonprofits, and teaching at Charis Business School, Billy enjoys fly-fishing and traveling around the world.

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  • Money Mastery
    By author: Billy Epperhart
    Product Code: 31134
    ISBN: 9781680311341
    Other ISBN: 1680311344
    Publisher: Empowered Life Academic
    Product Format: Hardback
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    Price:  $22.00

    As Matthew 6:24 says, “You cannot serve both God and money.” But unfortunately, many people serve money without ever having made a conscious choice to do so. By not learning how to manage your money, you become a servant to your finances. Even though you may have a heard that wants to boldly serve God, you can end up serving money by default — simply because of your financial situation in life.

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  • Money Mastery ePub
    By author: Billy Epperhart
    Product Code: 31145
    ISBN: 9781680311457
    Other ISBN: 168031145X
    Publisher: Empowered Life
    Product Format: Digital
    Availability: In stock.
    Price:  $9.99
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