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God's Creative Power For Healing DS

God's Creative Power For Healing
Book Type: Paperback 
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3.5 X 5.5 Inches (US)
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Charles Capps Ministries
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By author: Charles Capps

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Product Description:

God's Word is life and healing to you. The Bible promises God's children perfect health, so you don't have to be sick another day of your life. As a Christian, you have all of God's authority to change your world with your words. And when you speak the Word of God, it is just as if God is speaking.

God's Creative Power of Healing by Charles Capps is the perfect resource to equip you with teaching and healing scriptures in order to receive your promised healing. This pocket-sized book contains concise teaching on the principles of healing, as well as a thorough list of Bible promises regarding your health and healing. This book is an excellent gift, or perfect to keep in your car, wallet, or pocket. Let the scriptures in this book be the medicine you need to walk in complete health and wholeness.

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What Others are Saying
Review By: C. S.,   NASSAU BAHAMAS - May 24, 2007

I was given this book in 2004 by my sister-in-law. At the time I was diagnosed as having a disease called polymyosites, which the doctor told me there was no cure for. I read the book and spoke the healing scriptures over my body many times a day. In faith I believed that my body was healed in Jesus name. The lord had directed me not to take the medicines that the doctor had put me on. In faith I relied completely on the word of God for my healing. I was of from work from may of 2004 to July of 2005.the doctor told me if I did not take the medicines he give me I was going to end up in a wheelchair, because my muscles were not going to get any stronger without the medicines he said they were going to get weaker. I can say there is healing in the word of God. My muscles are strong again praise be to God. I have bought more of the books and give them to others who need to be healed. I can truly say God's word is medicine.

What Others are Saying
Review By: J. W.,   Berkeley Springs, WV - November 26, 2006
God's Greatest Miracle

I was given this booklet when I began chemotherapy treatments almost five years ago. By using God's Word as medicine I saw his greatest healing miracle unfold in my life - that of faith. Since then I have given away dozens of these booklets!

What Others are Saying
Review By: M. C.,   Hyde Park, Vermont - November 26, 2006
There is power in the Word!

I was doing a book table at a Music Festival several years ago and a man and two ladies came up to the table and were talking about a health situation the man had. I showed him Charles' book on the Power to Heal and as he picked it up he went flying to the ground. Knocked right off his feet! He said I think I need to read this book and purchased it. Another time I was doing a book table at a Christian Fair and I heard a man, his wife and daughter discussing the books I carried. (No one is too familiar with them in this area) He told me he and his wife read God's Creative Power for Healing every day, confessing the healing scriptures and they wouldn't miss a day. They knew the power of the spoke Word and they were applying it to their lives daily. God's Word will not return void!! I too, can personally testify to this little book. There have been times that I have not read it on a daily basis and I opened the door to an attack but as soon as I started speaking forth the healing confessions I would see a change in condition and soon it would be gone. I thank you again for printing these books on healing as there are so many in this area that do not know the healing power of our Lord and these books have been a real revelation to all that have read them.

What Others are Saying
Review By: E. O.,   Nigeria - West Africa - November 26, 2006
Healed of Ulcer

I bought this book when I came to United States in 1999 and after consistently confessing the words for 3 months, I was healed of ulcer.

What Others are Saying
Review By: T. C.,   Santa Maria, CA - November 26, 2006
Devine Health

Dear Sir, I have not been sick for years. My body repells sickness and disease. And that is only because of the Word of God. Gods word works everytime. God is so good.

What Others are Saying
Review By: G. G.,   Atlanta, GA - November 26, 2006
Son healed of Seizures

While living in Chicago Il, my two month year old son began experiencing seizures. Initially I did not know what was occurring. After seeing several doctors they determined that he was having seizures. No treatment was given to him because he was so small. When I told my mom about them she told me that she was going to send me a book with healing scriptures in them. She told me to speak them over him before every meal. I was a stay at home mom so this was easy to do. I had developed a habit of arising at 5:00 am every morning because he would normally have these episodes at this time. When he was about 4 months old and when I was two full months into speaking these scriptures over him 3xs daily, I awoke one morning at 5 am and watched him. He started shaking, his eyes went up into his head, but then, almost instantly, he stopped, looked at me and smiled. I was ELATED. I thanked God from then until now and he has never repeated these seizures again. I purchase these books regularly and share this testimony with as many people as I can. Thank God for his Word that he gave to heal our bodies!

What Others are Saying
Review By: D. E.,   Curacao, Netherlands Antilles - November 26, 2006
God spoke to me

I normally pray for the sick and one day I visited a good friend of mine and we were discussing a sick friend of ours. At that moment my friend went to a cabinet and took a book and handed it to me and said. You should let our friend read this book. I looked at the title and thought that it would be a good idea. Instead of passing the book onto our sick friend I took a moment to read it myself. One thing is so very true, no matter what I did I could not stop reading the book. It was as if I was being held to the book by a magnet. After finishing the reading I started to hear a voice which was telling me This is the story you will have to share with the people you pray for. I felt a funny heat coming over me and the voice came again and said. Just translate the book so your people can read it During one solid week whatever I tried to do other than working on the translation could not be done, even meetings were being cancelled by those who called them allowing me extra space of time for the translation. I was simply glued to the translation untill it was completed. Before reading the book, I remember that in my prayers I did ask God to provide me with a means of assiting the sick in a more continuous way, considering that I could not visit every one every day. The translated book if I receive the permission to print it will reach many souls and the message will remain with them for as long as God shall give them life. I thank God for this blessing. I have certainly been blessed by receiving the opportunity to read God's Creative Power for Healing.

What Others are Saying
Review By: J. F.,   Mansfield, Ohio - November 26, 2006
From the Valley to Victory

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myleoma, the cancer collapsing my spine. Immediate surgery, chemo treatments and death knocking twice.... My wife remembered we had this booklet on our shelf and got it out and began praying the Word over me.... I was too weak to do anything but agree.... I am in total remission and the doctors call it miraculous.... and it is! Now we share these booklets with people walking through the valley of the shadow.... knowing there is victory on the way!

What Others are Saying
Review By: R. R.,   Stone Mountain, Georgia - November 26, 2006
Expecting My Miracle

I was sent this book...and it has been a blessing. I am a cancer patient and I am ashamed to admit that I have not used it daily, but strongly believe in the power it holds through the word of GOD...so I expect my miracle. I pray that I am more diligent in receiving my healing through the word of God in this book. Thank you for such a wonderful gift.

What Others are Saying
Review By: M. L.,   McMinnville, TN - November 26, 2006
This book opened my ears

Thank You for minding God & writing this little book. It has changed my mind about a lot of things. God bless you Charles

What Others are Saying
Review By: E. T.,   ATLANTA , TX - November 26, 2006


What Others are Saying
Review By: C. K.,   Ellensburg, WA - November 26, 2006
Praying for oneself was an eye-opener!

I pray for the sick and others but never thought that I could do it for myself and be healed. Thank you for this revelation!

What Others are Saying
Review   Unknown - November 26, 2006

i was inspired by one of your book is was just a miracle my financial status was dwalf but my encounter with this your book gave me a way to succed please i am STUDENT i need more of your book to help in other ways thanks

What Others are Saying
Review By: S. S.,   Fairland, OK - November 26, 2006
He said I was 100% cured

In May, 2006 I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. One night I shared with my husband that I was a little scared, people we praying for me all over the United States and even in Italy. He took my hand and prayed with me. The next morning I was driving down on the way to work the road thanking the Lord for all my blessings, when a thought came to me saying, you will be fine. As I proceeded down the road a second thought came to me to slow down there is a tree in the road. Sure enough as a proceeded around the next bend there it was, a tree had fallen on my side of the road. Before I went into the Hospital to have my lung removed, I went to a small Christian Book Store. I told the owner my story, He gave me this book. I started reading it and applying it to my life. I told everyone I met that the Lord was healing me. After my surgery my Doctor told me all my test had come back. And they could not find any cancer any where else in my body. He said I was 100% cured. I told him I was 100% healed. I may have had to go through the surgery. I guess the key words are GO THROUGH yes he brought me through it. Without trials and tribulations, how would we know VICTORY! I have said this to say this little book had me look at situations differently. I left my copy at the hospital; it was given to me so I passed it on. I have purchased a few more to carry with me and to share with others. May God Bless...

What Others are Saying
Review By: M. S.,   Dallas, PA - March 27, 2007
God's Creative Power For Healing

I heard of this booklet some years ago while listening to Gloria Copeland's Healing School. At the first opportunity I obtained this booklet and read it from cover to cover. It has impacted my life on many levels. First of all I have applied the principles that Charles Capps laid out in the booklet and have found that God's Word is more powerful than natural medicine. I have been healed from high blood pressure and from a uterine prolapse with out medical intervention. The doctors immediate suggestion was drugs and surgery. God's immediate command was in His Word. As a result I have been drawn to the study of healing in the Word. The Lord has giving me an important task. I do not always have the time to spend with those who need to hear the Word or don't even know them, I am just asked to pray. Because of this the Lord has impressed upon me to purchase this little books and give them to those in need of healing. So for the last five years I have been purchasing these booklets to give to whom ever the Lord directs. As a result many have been healed of strokes, paralysys, head trauma, etc.. Praise God! His mercy endures forever. God's Word is true and more powerful than anyone realizes. If you trust Him, He will not let you down. If you believe Him, He will prove that He keeps His promises. If you put His Word into practice, you will accomplish all that He created you to do. The key is to Seek first His way of doing and being right (Matt. 6:33).

What Others are Saying
Review   Milwaukee, WI - June 20, 2008

I was given this book because I have a number of medical issues. I have chronic pain and am limited on what I can do. This book brought Jesus into a very close relationship with me and gave me reason to hope, and to live my life walking with Him. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone suffering any chronic condition.