By (author): Ed Douglas
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 176
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781606834237
Case Count: 98
Availability: In stock
Price: $9.99

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25 Truths Video:

25 Truths is a motivational and inspirational guide built around Christian principles about living life to its fullest potential. This book is about what is important in life, such as character and values, dealing with others, faith, family, mental and physical health, happiness, making a difference in the world and other practical life principles practices by successful individuals.

Each truth is written in brief, easy to read sections describing why the truth is so important while reinforcing each truth with personal stories & examples. In today's fast paced world there doesn't seem to be much time for discussion about such critically important concepts, but now through this book, you can learn and master the 25 Truths.

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