By (author): Mark Brazee
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 96
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577946144
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Take 1 Dose Daily

Do you need a breakthrough in your health? Are you emotionally or physically drained? Are you looking for the answer to your healing?

God has already filled your prescription. He prescribes a daily dose of His Word for your health. The Scripture says in 1 Peter 2:24 that Jesus took stripes on His back so you could live your life in health. Yet many Christians struggle to receive healing. Some aren't sure if God wants to heal them, while others aren't sure how healing works.

In this powerful devotional, author and pastor Mark Brazee shares simple, daily doses of God's Word that will build your faith for healing. Through line-upon-line precepts focusing specifically on healing and faith, you'll learn how the power of God's Word can heal your body and help you recover quickly.

If you need healing in your body, want to maintain your health, or simply desire to build your faith in God's healing power, discover how a daily dose of God's Word can be just what the Father ordered!

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What Others are Saying

Review by: D., Tempe, AZ - February 1, 2010
Five years ago I was in the hospital about to undergo colon cancer surgery. And I was given this book. I had the surgery but in the surgery two things happened. The surgeon was a Christian and the Lord found the tumors and showed the doctor before the had entered the lymphnoid system.
The healing process was going to be long but the Lord was with me and the book was my constant companion along with the bible between the two. I became closer to the Lord and every moring we have a conversation at 3 am. And during this time as I studied while healing I would read this book and the Bible and write prayers. A major portion of the people of the hospital and hospital would ask what I was doing which led to the allowance of sharing the gospel and because of that I have seen some of them return to their churches and others become missionaries.
Review by: M., Sheridan, WY - March 27, 2007
God's Creative Power for Healing

I received this mini book a number of years ago, and like so many I read and laid it aside as had no problems at that time. About a year ago I went to Dr. for a checkup due to high blood pressure and was given a negative report about my blood sugar. I knew I was not going to take shots, but just trust God, change my diet and go on. However, I searched out the book and read it three times a day. My heal is remaining good. Our pastor has laid hands and prayed over many with great success in Christ. Then I give them the mini book. I will continue to do that. It helps not only to receive your healing, but to keep your healing when satan tries to attack you again. Positive words have such a wonderful effect on us, and negative words harm us so much.