FAQ @ HarrisonHouse.com

Web Site Questions

What happened to the old website?

Glad you asked! We completely redesigned the HarrisonHouse.com website in March of 2016. Most all of the features of the old website have been retained, plus we gained a lot more. Our website is linked up with our business system, which means your orders process faster and more accurately than before. Our stock status is real time, minimizing any stock discrepancy. You'll have access to view order status for orders you've placed online. YouTube videos are now linked to all authors that have videos about their books. Be sure to check back - and sign up for our newsletters - to see additional features as we add them.

Where's my discount?

Consumers are encouraged to order from one of the links provided under each product. Wholesale customers get their discount by adding items to their cart and then hitting the "Get My Price" button. Be sure to call us if you are ordering for resale or for a church or ministry to be set up as a wholesale account at 800-888-4126.

Do I need a web account to place a wholesale order?

Yes, in order to place a wholesale order on Harrisonhouse.com, you must have a web account. If you are purchasing for resale or for a church or ministry, you must first call us at 800-722-6774 to set up your wholesale account. We require a copy of your state resale certificate or Federal EIN paperwork for wholesale discounts and then we can connect your wholesale account with your online account and you will see wholesale pricing when you add items to your cart.

When I click on the Specials link, I do not see any special discounts. Where's my discount?

Wholesale customers can see their special discounts by clicking the "Get My Price" button once the item is in your shopping cart.

I am on a public computer. How do I log out?

If you need to log off, there's a link at the end of your username that says "You are logged in as 'username'. If you are not 'username', Click here." If you hit the "Click here" link you will be logged off and the website will forget your username until you log in again. For added safety, you should also close your web browser.

Can I ship an order to someone else?

Yes. Billing and shipping addresses are seperate. Your web account can have multiple ship to addresses. You can add additional shipping locations and select them on an order by order basis.

I already have a Harrison House account, what do I do?

Everyone must create a HarrisonHouse.com account one time - even existing account holders. If you are a wholesale customer (purchasing for resale, or a church or ministry with a valid tax id number) your account rep can help you link your existing account with your HarrisonHouse.com account for B2B pricing.

Do I need a HarrisonHouse.com account to receive monthly specials and product updates via e-mail?

Not necessarily. You can click the Newsletter link to request to be put on our mailing list.

How do I order at wholesale prices?

We take the relationship between us and our wholesale customers seriously. For that reason, we require verification that you are operating as a legitimate resale business, or church or ministry. For wholesale pricing, we will need a copy of your state resale certificate or Federal EIN paperwork as well as a business address. Contact our sales department at 800-722-6774 to set up a wholesale account. They can then either walk you through the online registration process or link an existing online account to your business account.

How do I know if I am set up as a wholesale customer?

Once you are set up as a wholesale account you will be able to add items to your cart.

I entered all my information, why am I not yet set up as a wholesale customer?

We double-check the validity of all wholesale customer applications. Please give our office a call once you have set up the account and we will activate the account. If you need an order right away, please call us at 800-722-6774 or email Customer Care for faster processing.

How do I access My Account on the web site?

There is a link in the top left of every web page that says - "Wholesale Log In". Click on that to access your web account information. You must sign-on to access your account using the username and password that you setup during initial registration. Most usernames will be email addresses.

Can I begin an order and finish it later?

Yes! The computer will remember your username (but not your password) if you access our website from the same computer as before. You'll be required to enter your password before you can check out. This is for your safety. If you need to log off, there's a link at the end of your username that says "You are logged in as 'username'. If you are not 'username', Click here." If you hit the "Click here" link you will be completely logged off and the website will forget your username until you log in again.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

There is a forgot password screen that will e-mail your password to you. You'll need to know either your username or the e-mail address you used when you registered.

My e-mail address changed, what do I do?

You can change the e-mail address associated with your HarrisonHouse.com Account, via "My Account". Just log on using your old e-mail address and update your account. We will then e-mail you the udpated information.

Why do I need Adobe Acrobat?

Over the years, Adobe Acrobat has become THE Internet standard for document exchange. Harrison House utilizes this software in many ways. A FREE reader is available for download here. Our web site has many Acrobat documents to download and our sales representatives utilize it as well.

Customer Service Questions

What if my product is defective?

Contact customer service at 800-722-6774.

How do I return products?

Contact customer service at 800-722-6774.

How do I check the status of an order?

Contact customer service at 800-722-6774. Have your order number ready.

How do I order a wholesale catalog or get wholesale pricing information?

The best way to get accurate pricing is to create a HarrisonHouse.com wholesale account and log on. A HarrisonHouse.com account will reflect specials and up to date pricing. In addition, you can download our most recent catalog. The most accurate and up to date source for Harrison House product information is the Harrison House web site. You may also contact a sales representative by phone at 800-722-6774.

General Questions

Where is your contact page?

See the main contact Harrison House page.

How do I submit my manuscript to Harrison House for publication?

Please visit our publishing inquiry page for more information.

How do I obtain permission to use material from a Harrison House book?

Please email permissions and include the following information in your email:

  • Title of the book you would like to use material from
  • Author of book
  • Page numbers in the book the material you would like to use appears on
  • What the copied material will be used for
  • The number of copies that will be made.

We will review your request and get back to you in approximately 2-4 weeks.

Can I obtain permission to translate or publish a book in another language?

Permission is granted on a per-title basis. Please email international rights for more information. Please note: English language rights for Nigeria are not available.

Where can I find a book that is out of print?

Harrison House does not stock out-of-print books. The web site www.bibliofind.com is a good resource to help you in your search for out-of-print titles.