By (author): Beth Jones
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ISBN: 9781680314618
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About this Book

God loves kids! Join us as we take a journey through the Bible to discover that God wants to know and be known by kids! God is looking for Christian kids who will stand up and be counted! It's time for Christian kids to be so comfortable in their knowledge of God that they can be bold and strong when faced with peer pressures and temptations. It's time for Christian kids to know who they are in Christ, to have a prayer life, to know the Word and to live by faith! Through "Getting a Grip on the Basics for Kids," young people can get the "God advantage" at an early age.

Here's What You'll Discover:

  • How To Know You're Going to Heaven
  • How To Know The Lord As Your Best Friend
  • How To Pray
  • How To Read Your Bible
  • How To Have God's Best
  • How To Experience God's Love and Forgiveness
  • How To Know the Holy Spirit
  • How To Live Life to the Max
  • How to Be a Winner with God

Here's What Kids are Saying:

"I learned. you can get to know God." -Jessica

"I learned. if you're not asking Jesus into your heart or if you're faking, you are separated from God." -Lauren

"I learned. God is looking for true worshipers." -Luke

"I learned. where I will go when I die and how I am filled with the Holy Spirit." -Amber

"I learned. about faith muscles." -Megan

"I learned. fear operates the same way as faith and how awesome God is." -Olivia

"I learned. you can't take credit for being saved." -Ciara

"I learned. God is always on our side and if you obey your parents you will have a long, blessed life." -Brittney

"I learned. how to get a grip." -Victor

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