By (author): Beth Jones
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Book Type: BC
Page Count: 128
ISBN: 9781577948261
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When a child is born, doctors and family encourage the new parents to provide three elements essential to the survival of the newborn: love, nourishment, and protection. These same elements are vital for every newborn Christian as well. This workbook will help those new to the Christian faith and those needing a refresher course find these basics for survival.

Through studying the Scriptures and completing this workbook, Christians will find and experience the love of God, receive spiritual nourishment, and be able to rest in the protective care of the Lord and His Word. This dynamic study course will help you become grounded in the fundamentals of Christian faith and learn important principles vital to Charismatic believers including:

  • How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit
  • How to Grow and Develop Your Faith
  • How to be an Overcomer
  • And much more!

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What Others are Saying

Review by: R., Watertown, NY - April 24, 2007
Getting a Grip on the Basics

A few years ago my husband John and I went to Jessie Duplantis's 25th anniversary celebration. We came away with many wonderful things from his ministry and something from the churches book store. Getting a Grip on the basics seemed like a nice book that we could consider using for our church. A few years later we are still using the series of books in our cell groups. We have found that these workbooks touch a wide spectrum of people---young and old, new believer and older believer. We've seen people become confidnet that they can study the word because of the easy format, and most importantly we've seen the principles found in the books being applied to lives. Who knew that a simple purchase would end up helping our entire church. I see there are some new titles and can't wait to get to them.

Review by: K., Richland Wa - March 16, 2006
Getting a grip the Basics

We are about to start a mentor programe for our youth ( I'm a Christian sence 1944 and am glad to share with our youth ) As I have gone through the work book I feel that I would like to use the book as a guide plus my own Bible study and life experances to help the youth live a life style that would be pleasing to the Lord. The youth are involved in the church youth group plus so many things at school plus now we would meet on another night for this study.

Review by: T., Lake Worth, Florida - August 3, 2004
A must read for every christian, young and old

This is one of the greatest teaching I have ever had. I strongly recommend this book for every christian. Even seasoned christians should repeat this study at least once a year. It will keep you focused on the basics of being a christian and renew your spirit.

Review by: T., Florida - May 18, 2004
Faith Building

In high school for Bible Class we used Beth Jones'study books. They helped me to know why I believe the things I belive, built up my faith in God's promises and helped me to grow in the Lord. Because of these book I have the confidence to share the truths from God's Word with others. I've also used the book Getting a Grip on the Basics in my youth group. The teaching was easy for the kids understand.

Review by: L., Concord, MI - January 5, 2004
This book is ageless!

I first completed this study when I was about thirty years old. It contributed to a great, solid foundation for my spiritual growth twelve years ago. I have since ordered and used countless books for new study groups. I am ordering six today for my girl's middle school sunday school class. My close friend is also teaching a high school group using this ageless tool. Good job Beth Jones!

Review by: L., St. Louis, MO - October 10, 2003
No nonsense, hip and funny

I recently read Basic Training by Kim Freeman and absolutely loved it. It checked me as a Christian making me see areas that required dramatic improvement to achieve a closer walk with the Lord. Kim's approach is no nonsense, hip and funny. I sent it to my sister who has a ministry in Houston and the popularity of this book is spreading quickly. Thanks for publishing such great material that we can take and grow on, in Christ Jesus.

Review by: M., Camp Doha, Kuwait - April 10, 2003
Awesome Bible Study Guide

We have been using this book for several months in our bible study classes here in Camp Doha, Kuwait, while we prepare for and go to war. It has been a blessing to all of us, and our bible study has continued to grow. Its stimulates our discussions as we seek to grow stronger in the Lord, and continue to pray for Gods protection and blessings for our fellow troops. I have recently asked our chapel to order more of the books, since all that we currently have are being used, and the servicemembers have a hunger for more. I pray that you are blessed in your learning and studies as we have been. God Bless

Review by: R., Las Vegas, Nevada - January 10, 2003
A Powerful Tool

I have found this book extremely useful as a powerful tool in the lives our study group. It evokes and invokes deep and probing discussions, and gives a good foundation to those who have not yet mastered the discipline of Bible study. It also is great for the new believer because it causes them to turn through many passages in the Word!!! We love it!!! God Bless you Beth!!!!

Review by: R., Houston, MO - January 2, 2003
Great Study Book

Have this and it is well balanced and it is good to give the whole truth and it would be great for the young to old christian, your in christ