By (author): Larry Hutton
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 128
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9780974755823
Availability: Out of Print

Price: $9.99

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How to Live Over 120 Years and Remain Blessed, Healthy, Satisfied, and Strong!

Did you know that God has promised you long life? Many Christians are mindful of that truth, but have no idea how many years are included in long life! It's a startling fact that many Christians are completely unaware that they need not grow weak, frail, and decrepit as they grow older. What you believe in your early years will greatly affect your latter years.

In this eye-opening book, Larry Hutton shares powerful truths that will unlock the mysteries of living a long, healthy, and strong life. You will learn that God actually wants you to live a long life, but He has also promised you that your physical body doesn't have to "wear out" along life's journey! In this book, you will discover:

  • God's promise goes far beyond 70 or 80 years!
  • Why you don't have an appointed time to die.
  • How to extend the years of your life.
  • God's viewpoint of old age.
  • Hindrances to long life.
  • and much more!

When you are finished reading this book your mind will be renewed, your faith will be perfected, and your spirit will be strengthened. If you want to live a good long life full of power, health, and vitality, then start reading this book today!

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