By author: Gary Keesee
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Page Count: 240
ISBN: 9780768440119
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Be propelled to success in your finances through the powerful teachings of Jesus!

A down-to-earth look at what Jesus had to say about money, Money Mysteries from the Master uncovers the keys to financial success, straight from the Master Himself.

So did Jesus really talk much about money? Gary Keesee uses everyday examples, amazing stories and Jesus' parables to shed light on the powerful truths of the Bible and how they are relevant to:

  • paying the bills
  • providing for your family
  • making ends meet
  • marketplace ministry
  • having wealth for the purpose of expanding the kingdom of God

Just as a nation has rules to govern and prosper its people, the kingdom of God has principles for every area of our lives, including finances. You will be amazed at the shocking, supernatural stories throughout this book and encouraged by the candor, wit, honesty and wisdom used to teach from the Word of God. You will agree-Gary Keesee makes finances and the Word of God easy.

"With all of the media madness and spin on the human understanding of finances, it is critical to have a book that unlocks the irrefutable principles of God for peace, protection, and provision regarding our God-given assets. This book propels Gary's passion in revealing to the world the inheritance we have in the financial plan of God."

Dr. Dean R. Radtke
Founder & CEO
The Ministry Institute

"Sadly, the Church today is filled with get rich quick schemes, prosperity theology, and too many TV evangelists looking for a handout. But Gary Keesee is the real thing. When he talks about money, I listen. He has the credibility, the experience, and the expertise that will change the way you think about money. Money Mysteries of the Master is the book you need to read - now. You won't regret it. Unless you have all the money you need for the rest of your life, then you need to get it today."

Phil Cooke,
Filmmaker, Media consultant,
Author, Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That's Constantly Changing

"In his new book, Money Mysteries of the Master, Pastor Gary Keesee lays a solid foundation addressing the important issues of getting out of debt and moving into financial blessings. All the while he places top priority on staying faithful to the kingdom principles of faith and stewardship. Pastor Keesee provides Biblical and common-sense tools that break the bondages of debt and lack and enable people to walk in God's spiritual laws of blessing."

Marcus D. Lamb
Founder - President
Daystar Television Network

"Together, Gary and I have discovered and lived these mysteries, experiencing their powerful impact in our finances and family, for the past thirty years. Gary shares these principles in a powerfully simple, yet life-transforming revelation, and I can attest he has lived them daily. We have measured our life and success by these timeless teachings from the Master Himself; I challenge you to do the same for real, measurable fulfillment and lasting achievement.

Drenda Keesee
Author, speaker and host of television Talkshow "Drenda"

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