By (author): Jonny Diaz
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 176
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781606830277
Case Count: 36
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Price: $14.99

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When Jonny Diaz wrote the #1 hit song, "More Beautiful You", he couldn't have imagined that thousands of women, teens, and young girls would be helped. Gwendolyn Diaz has now partnered with Jonny to write the book, More Beautiful You, to speak to women who have been beaten down by society's perception of beauty. More Beautiful You shows us that true beauty is not what society says, it's what God says. Women will see their incredible worth through God's eyes, and will learn to esteem themselves in the process.

Each section is structured around a line in the song's lyrics, and shows how society's distorted perceptions can encourage dysfunctional behaviors like anorexia, elective plastic surgery, and promiscuity. Diaz includes powerful listener testimonies that show how the song has impacted women's lives worldwide.

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