By (author)s: T.L. Osborn, LaDonna Osborn
Book Size: 4.5 x 7
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 240
Publisher: OSFO International
ISBN: 9780879431310
Case Count: 40
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Humanity's global quest has spawned innumerable religions in our world. Philosophies about the Omnipotent Spirit or some Cosmic Life-force differ from one nation or region to another.

There is an answer to life's problems and questions. It is possible for you to exchange uncertainty for confidence, inferiority for dignity, and insignificance for new personhood. You can experience true enlightenment and genuine transformation.

Whatever your social, economic, national, or religious status, the ancient and venerable truths in this book can engender in you a new perspective of the Omnipotent One and can guide you to the Creator's New Miracle Life Now.

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