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Acclaim for the 12 Traits of the Greats

“Every sentence of this book is pregnant with wisdom and I enjoyed the mind-expanding experience of this exciting book. I admonish you to plunge into this ocean of knowledge and watch your life change for the better.”

- Dr. Myles Munroe, BFM International, ITWLA, Nassau Bahamas

A Life Ablaze
By (author): Rick Renner
Product Format: Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9781680314236
Availability:  In stock
Price: $17.99

There is a storm ahead. Is your faith you strong enough to stand?

Building a strong Christian life can be compared to building any strong structure: just as the right tools are needed to get the job done, there are spiritual tools needed to help you dig deeper, grow stronger, and stand firmer in your Christian walk.

Because the Lord is My Shepherd
ISBN: 9781680316728
Availability:  In stock
Price: $6.99

Breaking Generational Curses - New HH Title
By (author): Marilyn Hickey
ISBN: 9781680314830
Availability:  In stock
Price: $18.99

In Breaking Generational Curses, international speaker and author Marilyn Hickey teaches how Jesus Christ reversed every curse. She shares powerful lessons and worksheets to help you overcome these curses from the past. Take the complete test inside, identify generational sin, and break free from the curse once and for all!

Closer than You Ever Imagined
By (author): Karen Jensen Salisbury
ISBN: 9781680314137
Availability:  In stock
Price: $15.99

Many Christians want to be closer to God—to feel His presence and hear His voice—but they don’t know where to begin.

It all starts with a step in His direction.

“Move your heart closer and closer to God, and He will come even closer to you…” (James 4:8 TPT).

You were made to reign in every way!

Author, evangelist, and pastor, Joseph Prince uncovers the secret to reigning over adversity, lack, and destructive habits. Discover how to experiencing the success, wholeness, and victory that God created to enjoy.

Getting a Grip the Spirit-Empowered Life
By (author): Beth Jones
Product Format: Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9781680314090
Availability:  In stock
Price: $15.99

If you’re ready for a fun, practical, step-by-step study to help you experience the Holy Spirit, this book is for you!

Whether you’re a fledgling Christian, seeking to grow in your faith, or a weary saint, longing for refreshment, an authentic encounter with the Holy Spirit will change your life!

Hannah and the Beanstalk
By (author): Carlie Terradez
ISBN: 9781680315011
Availability:  In stock
Price: $16.99

He Healed Them All
By (author): Barry Bennett
Product Format: Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9781680314120
Availability:  In stock
Price: $15.99

Healing is God’s Will!

There’s no evidence in the gospels of sickness having a divine origin, or being a blessing in disguise. Jesus never withheld healing from someone who asked. He was always full of compassion to heal the sick.

Help! It's Dangerous out Here
ISBN: 9781890026349
Availability:  In stock
Price: $14.99

Leadership Mastery
By (author): Billy Epperhart
Product Format: Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9781680314212
Availability:  In stock
Price: $16.99

Author and M.B.A. Billy Epperhart specializes in building great leaders from the inside out. In Leadership Mastery, he helps you…

  • Unleash the power within by focusing on purpose, faith, and courage
  • Empower others by understanding discipleship, prayer, favor, and people-skills
  • Implement leadership tools, strategies, and secrets of management

ISBN: 9781680314939
Availability:  In stock
Price: $21.99

Everyone wants to love and be loved unconditionally. But in such a broken world, how is this possible?

In Love ANYWAY, Author and Pastor Adrienne Cooley shares how it you can share and experience genuine love, even in the most difficult circumstances. No matter what you’ve been through, who may have hurt you, or the condition of your relationships, it is possible to genuinely love anyway.

Our Union with Christ
By (author): Duane Sheriff
Product Format: Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9781680312980
Availability:  In stock
Price: $16.99

Author and pastor Duane Sheriff shares this epic love story and revelation that will illuminate your union with Jesus. These truths will establish and secure you in God’s eternal love and abiding care, and you will never again wonder concerning God’s goodness toward you.

Prayers that Avail During the COVID-19 Crisis TP
ISBN: 9781680316681
Availability:  In stock
Price: $8.99

Prayers that Avail Much 40th Anniversary Revised and Updated Edition
By (author): Germaine Copeland
Product Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781680314144
Availability:  In stock
Price: $25.99

Do you long to pray powerful prayers that impact Heaven and shake earth? Do you want to partner with God to deliver victory in challenging circumstances? Do you want to see God move powerfully in the lives of your loved ones?

For more than 30 years, Germaine Copeland, author of the Prayers That Avail Much Series®, has been helping millions of people pray—and get results!

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