By (author): Norvel Hayes
Book Size: 3.5 x 5.5
Book Type: BF
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9780892740949
Case Count: 400
Availability: In stock
Price: $2.49

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The Lord Jesus Christ is an example for us. We're supposed to fight the devil the same way that Jesus fought the devil. In this book you'll learn the easy way to fight the devil and win!

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What Others are Saying

Review by: J., Rhodes, MI - September 11, 2008
The most lifechanging 30 pages I've ever read!

I have immediately been rebuking Satan on a daily basis since reading this booklet. We DO have the power within us through Jesus Christ to command Satan and his demons to flee from us. This is a must for all Christians!

Review by: E., Suitland, MD - April 24, 2007

In my class of School of Healing the Teacher recomended this book, after reading the book I understand why the devil is defeating us christians in so many ways,we have not been using the words of GOD for our advantage. This needs to be taught in every church so we can be victorious In JESUS name, I love it I will get some books and pass it out to some Pastors, Ministers and Saints we all need this alive word GOD'S word is ALIVE, God Bless You Norvel Hayes

Review by: P., Ruffin NC - November 26, 2006
Thank you Lord for this book

I recently went to His High Places in Boone NC. I came to know God as Daddy God and the devil has been after my mind. I went to a christian book store and laying on the shelf by itself was the number one way to fight the devil. I bought it and just finished reading it. I know the Lord is going to use me. I have been a drug and alcohol addict since the age of 13 now delivered and without a doubt the Lord is going ot use that in his ministry for me. I am giving this book away and will order more. Pls be praying for me that I will walk in the Lords grace and peace, Joy I pray everyday and thank the Lord that everything I put my hands to will prosper and suceed and I know it will because it will be his. Thank you so much for this book. God bless and keep you and I will be praying for your ministry. Daddy's Little Girl

Review by: L., Minneapolis, MN - November 26, 2006
The number one way to fight the devil

I just read this little power packed book this am. I pray for people in the Healing Rooms here in town. This will be an excellent resource to hand out to our clients so they can stand strong in the attacks that come after we lay hands on them and pray for them. Far too many believers are defeated and sick and under the enemy's influence and it is on my heart to help set every captive free that God leads me to. My own son is an example of knowing about Jesus, but not the enemy and today, the enemy has hold, but not forever!!!!