By (author): LaDonna Osborn
Book Size: 4 x 6
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 60
Publisher: OSFO International
ISBN: 9780879431365
Case Count: 270
Availability: Out of Print

Price: $4.99

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God sent His Son - Jesus Christ - as the Prince of Peace in order that we might be able to experience His peace on a daily basis. But a lifestyle of peace isn't something that just automatically happens when we become Christians; there is something we must do in order to benefit from what God has done.

In this Sermon-in-Print Series book, Dr. LaDonna Osborn reveals the path peace took in order to become ours as she explains:

  • Jesus is the Prince of Peace
  • Five things we should understand about peace
  • How to make peace our lifestyle

God loves us so much that He made this promise: Through the cross, all people can be redeemed be the One who is the Prince of Peace. Once you understand the biblical truth presented in this message, you can begin to experience the best that life has to offer because...peace is a lifestyle.

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