By (author): Germaine Copeland
Book Size: 6 x 9.2
Book Type: BB
Page Count: 538
ISBN: 9781577947523
Case Count: 20
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Price: $25.99

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Combines the three bestselling volumes from the time-honored Prayers That Avail Much series.
* Contains powerful prayers from the Word of God that makes it easy to face any situation!
* Is an exquisite gift of classic tradition that is sure to enrich every home

The Word of God is the most valuable gift one can give. Now the amazing three-book treasury of Prayers that Avail Much, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, are available in one hardcover book. Share the power of praying Scriptures with those who are closest to you. Learn how to pray in even the most difficult circumstances and see God do extraordinary things through the promises in His Word! This invaluable resource is a legacy to cherish for years to come and a necessity for every family library. Readers and their loved ones will never be without the power of biblical prayer as they add this elegant keepsake to their family heritage.

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What Others are Saying

Review by: T., Houston, TX - September 8, 2009
The Book Found Me

I went to the book store looking for another book and Prayers that Avail Much caught my attention. After picking it up and browsing through it I knew I had to buy it. My wife and I read it and used the prayer and some have worked right away, others seem to be taking a little time to work. I suffer from anxiety, stress and fear. I am getting better and getting better every day. I ask God daily through prayer to exalt me in due time. I have faith that it will come to pass. God has worked a lot of other miracles in my family and I can see more on the horizon, so I am using the book daily until God answers my issues. You all did a great job on this book. It really addresses a lot of issues that families are faced with daily. Pray for me as I walk though this journey understanding God and becoming closer to his divine power.

Review by: J., Smyrna, TN - August 3, 2009
prayer that gets results.

I bought this book years ago and started praying and doing the confessions, not knowing that God I had called me to be an intercessor. I received answers to my prayers especially when I prayed for others. I am now the head intercessor at my church.

Review by: E., Richmond, Virginia - March 27, 2007
Learned How to Pray

My sister give me this book for my birthday in 1998, this book has been such a blessing to me, it has really helped me to learn how to pray. I use this book just about everyday. I feel blessed to have it.

Review by: A., Singida - November 26, 2006
my Jesus Christ

I am very glad to receive Jesus in my life He has changed my life now I am free from the power of the devil.

Review by: A., North Carolina - November 26, 2006
Second best book - the Bible being the 1st

I was spending time with the Lord this morning, and was prompted to pray for someone. I didn't want to pray the same prayers I usually pray so I looked over on the night stand and I reached for your book. This is the answer to my prayers, because I have been asking God to TEACH ME HOW TO PRAY for some time and when I least expected it, it happened. I went to the store looking for another book and I found yours. I am exstatic! I am thrilled, I am so happy, I could nt believe that this book addressed every single prayer you could possibly want to pray and more. I cry sometimes because these are the things that I have been wanting to say but I did not know how to put them into words. I just want to say thank you for listiening to God. Your obedience has made soooo many more people happy just like myself. I AM TRULY HAPPY WITH THIS BOOK KEEP IT UP. God knows my heart when I say that THIS book I will treasure. GOD BLESS YOU.