By (author): Germaine Copeland
Book Size: 5.2 x 7.7
Book Type: BG
Page Count: 768
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577947530
Case Count: 40
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March 2022
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Combines the three bestselling volumes from the time-honored Prayers That Avail Much series.
* Contains powerful prayers from the Word of God that makes it easy to face any situation!
* Is an exquisite gift of classic tradition that is sure to enrich every home

The Word of God is the most valuable gift one can give. Now the amazing three-book treasury of Prayers that Avail Much, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, are available in one book in the classic richness of genuine leather. Share the power of praying Scriptures with those who are closest to you. Learn how to pray in even the most difficult circumstances and see God do extraordinary things through the promises in His Word! This invaluable resource is a legacy to cherish for years to come and a necessity for every family library. Readers and their loved ones will never be without the power of biblical prayer as they add this elegant keepsake to their family heritage.

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What Others are Saying

Review by: R., Connecticut - February 27, 2008
Prayers That Avail Much

Dear Ms. Copeland: I discovered this book quite by accident in 1995. I was growing through a very difficult time in my life. I always knew that the Lord was with me. The Prayers that Avail Much version that I purchased cited the scripture verses in addition to the scripture references in it. My faith just blossomed as I was able to speak and believe the written promises of God. I felt assured then and have been growing ever since. I have purchased this book and suggested it to others over the years, and frequently provide copies of individual prayers to others. As a member of our church's Generals of Intercession ministry, this book is part of my weaponry, as well as that of the other intercessors. Thank you so much. God's peace.

Review by: C., Miami, Fl - January 17, 2007
I don't know what I would have done without this

Thank you! I thought that I'd lost a book that was my reason for coming to this site. But WHILE I was looking at the books on this site and looking at my book, I found my list of answered prayers GLORY BE TO GOD! I have all three books. They taught me how to pray and to get prayers answered. I learned to pray the promises of God. I haven't looked at those books in a couple of years, One day while I was cleaning, I found my book. I gave the book to my nephew and asked him to add up all the unexpected income that I received. It was over $40,000. I was so thankful at the time that I never added it. Thank you Lord for prospering me. I will be ordering books for my grandchildren and sisters. Thanks again!

Review by: V., Detroit Mi - November 26, 2006
Faith Prevails

This book has been a blessing! I cannot actually count the numerous ways that it has caused my Faith to Triumph form Victory to Victory; Spiritually Soul & Materially Financially! Blessings heaped upon blessings for myself Family Tree Friends & Neighbors. It brings out Intercession in me! Thank you so much

Review by: F., Dallas, Texas - November 26, 2006
I was led to this book by God!

I am a teacher in Dallas. I was asked to teach a book to the men of the church, the Holy Spirit would not let me teach the book that had been selected, instead by devine intervention I was led to this book. I did not know how to pray effective so therefore I was reluctant to pray for others, oh but after I studied this book I have become a servant for the Lord. I have prayed for healing, relationships, family members, Church, ministries and the list go on. I am a witness to the power of effective prayer and so are the men that I taught the book too. May God continue to bless Germaine and her family and may she be forever filled with the precious love of God.

Review by: M., Worcester, MA - November 26, 2006
HIS Word in prayer has LIFE!

I bought this and several other prayer books by Germaine Copeland. I have a few different versions including this my favorite leather edition. I also bought this for my son, an Officer in the Air Force, and the one for Woman for my daughter, a single mother. This priceless treasure should be purchased by every Christian in the world. Go without food if you have to, to save up for it. You won't be sorry, I assure you. What makes her prayer books exceptional is that she doesn't just say words that sound nice but she transforms the Holy Bible, God's living eternal Word, into prayer form. The whole book is from the Bible and applicable to every persons varying needs. No prayer is more effective than one using HIS WORD! HE watches over His Word to perform it! Some books you buy will end up unread or collecting dust but that will NOT be the case with this one. I even took mine with me on vacation and used it! Gone are the days when I had a burden to pray but couldn't find the right words to express my concern. My advice is Don't combat life without it! This book has been long overdue in the Christian life. You'll feel equipt to handle anything because you will be equipt!The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth MUCH! You can search the scriptures and make your own prayers but thank God, Germaine has done that for us, saving us weeks or months of work.

Review by: G., Greenville OH - November 26, 2006
This book IS changing my life!

I use it almost every day to pray over my family, friends, etc. I love to pray scriptures and to know where the scriptures come from. I have ordered several to give to friends. I find scripture for what I am specifically praying for at any given time. That is powerful praying! A friend and I get together weekly to pray and we use this book.

Review by: C., Pittsburgh, PA - November 26, 2006
This book is a God sent,when I got saved

On the day that I stood up in church and gave my life to the lord, a very nice sister in church came up to me and gave this book to me, and said that it will help me on my new walk, and it has, like when someone ask me to pray for a love one, I could. It also helped me in my understanding about the bible and the lord. It still serves me today.It help me to meditate and to get thru a diffecult time.

Review by: D., Ozarks of AR - November 26, 2006
Answered Prayers

My husband and I have a big family. Our children and grandchildren have come to us requesting our prayers for needs in their lives. We have prayed for employment, a dependable car, illnesses, as well as deliverance from addiction and bad influences in these young people's lives. We were using the Prayers That Avail much, Vol 1 & 2 scripture references as a guide. I have kept a journal of the results of those prayers of faith and God has answered our prayers way above what we expected. God is so good and He is so faithful. This is what we convey to our family. When we pray, we include the person requesting the prayer if they are present and form our circle, holding hands we lift them and their needs up to God. He listens and He answers. Thank you for your ministry and for making available to us this manual.

Review by: D., NJ - November 26, 2006
Prayers that Avail Much Commemorative

This is the most read book in my home besides my bible, of course. When I first got the book, I felt funny & unsure if it was scriptural to read prayer that someone else wrote, rather than from my heart. But as I began to pray these prayers to the Lord, I found myself believing them. I felt the boldness rise up in me. I felt more sure of the authority that I have to pray these prayers over my family then I ever have before. And now I know them so well, they are a part of me, I no longer read them as I pray because they are deep within me now. And they are scriptural, because they are God's word to us to pray. I also have the special prayers that pertain to me & my family labeled so I can find them easily as I pray them everyday. I recommend this book to everyone that is serious about covering their family with the protection of God's word & seeing His Word manifest in your life & they life of you children & family. One main thing is that I used to pray for God to protect my children (as we know what are children are up against in these days) but also feel fearful for them. Now I do not, I pray the special prayers for children in this book - And I've got them covered, or should I say God has them covered because they are His promises for my children. God bless