By (author): Germaine Copeland
Book Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 320
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577949251
Case Count: 52
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Price: $13.99

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With more than 4 million copies sold in the series, Prayers That Avail Much for Mothers, full of the classic scriptural prayers that readers love, is now available in a user-friendly paperback!

This beautiful prayer book, designed just with mothers in mind, is an indispensable guide to praying effectively according to God's will - and seeing amazing results! These powerful, scriptural prayers will help moms discover God's best for them, their family, and their community in everyday life, in all kinds of circumstances - especially when they don't know what to pray! God's Word is His will and as readers pray His Word for their lives, they can be assured of the answer. This presentation, specifically designed for mothers, offers the opportunity to experience the amazing and life-transforming power of praying God's best over their lives. Scriptural prayers include:

  • Knowing God's Will
  • Being Equipped for Success
  • Healing for Damaged Emotions
  • Complete in Him as a Single
  • Child's Future
  • Plus many more!

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What Others are Saying

Review by: G., Crossett, AR - August 3, 2009
Prayers that Avail Much for Mothers

I got my Prayers that Avail Much for Mothers in April , 1991. It is my go to book. When I am troubled about something or need prayer help, this is where I go. It has an answer for any problem that I might have. It gives me guidance in all areas of my life. It helps me pray and gives me strength. It directs me to scriptures that are appropriate for any situation. If I happen to have put it down and can't find it I nearly panic because when I need it I need it. I take it with me when I travel along with a Bible. I have the pink leather bound book that was available at that time. I love my book. Thank you for putting together such a powerful source.

Review by: T., Georgia - April 28, 2008
Prayers That Avail Much for Mothers-Paperback

I love this book. I actually bought several copies and gave them to friends and family. This was my go to book for every stuation and circumstance in life. I was strenghtened by the Word of God that permeates every page. This book is a great blessing for me, because it provides comfort, encouragment and peace when I struggle. I used the prayers to get through a miscarriage, death of loved ones, career struggles and marital turmoil. Thank you so much for following the path that God laid out for you and providing these prayers to a needy world.