By (author): Robb Thompson
Book Type: BB
Page Count: 160
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781889723716
Case Count: 40
Availability: Out of Print

Price: $14.99

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Have you ever wondered what your "husband report card" would look like if your wife filled one out? Have you ever wondered what she wishes you knew and would do?

With insights gained from over 20 years of counseling couples - and from over 30 years of marriage - authors Robb and Linda Thompson help you achieve "straight A's" as a husband, both in the eyes of your wife as well as God. Robb writes, "If you're going to be a husband, be the best you can imagine. Don't just love the idea of marriage, but learn how to love the woman God gave you in marriage."

The Husband's Role is an invaluable tool chest of insights and principles for every man who wants to be what God called him to be. This dynamic book not only inspires you to step into your God-given position as a servant-leader to your family - it equips you, as well.

Men, you need this book. After putting into practice the powerful information found in its pages, you will find yourself living with a very happy wife!

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