By (author): Joseph Prince
Book Size: 6 x 9
Book Type: BB
Page Count: 336
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577949329
Case Count: 28
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Price: $19.99

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"Joseph Prince is a great father, husband, and friend who pastors one of the world's great churches. His life and commitment qualify him to speak with authority on the subject of wholeness, victorious living, and the abundant life that God promises. I have personally benefited from Joseph's inspiring teaching gift, as have many in our church."
Brian Houston
Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church

Find everything you need to know about the Gospel of grace in one definitive book!

Grace is one of the most talked about and important subjects in Christianity. In Destined to Reign, Joseph Prince reveals that the completeness of Christ's work on the cross has been realized by very few, but that it is available to all!

You will find life-changing revelation that will free you from guilt, anxiety, unforgiveness, and fear - giving you an opportunity to embrace the true joy that Jesus Christ came to give you.

Joseph Prince shows that it is not about what you have to do, but what has already been done by Jesus Christ. By receiving a full understanding of what the Apostle Paul taught on grace, you will release the life of dead works and small accomplishments you have struggled to achieve in exchange for a life of peace, rest, and true joy that can only come by following Christ.

"If there is one book that I want to write on this side of heaven, this would be it. I believe that this book will touch you and transform you. What the Lord said to me some 10 years ago about how lives will never be radically blessed and radically transformed without the radical preaching of grace is still reverberating strongly in my heart. This book is therefore about being radically transformed by His grace and His grace alone.

"In this book, you will discover the secret of God's way to reigning effortlessly in life! Man has developed many strategies, methodologies, techniques, and tactics for achieving personal success. Let me declare to you that there is a higher way than relying on your own efforts to achieve success in life. The Bible says in Psalm 1 'Blessed is the man who walks not in the council of the ungodly.' Hence, while there is some 'counsel' in 'ungodly' resources, there is a higher way for the believer! Why rely on self-help when you can have direct access to God's help?

"Are you ready to be radically blessed and transformed by His grace and to give up on your own efforts to have success, wholeness, and a victorious life? I believe that once you begin to take this journey of discovering His radical grace, your life will never be the same again. My friend, you are destined to reign!"

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What Others are Saying

Review by: C., St Thomas, VI - September 8, 2009
destined to reign

This book has changed my life and I am trying to share with my other brothers and sisters we here in the Virgin Islands have been taught so much condemnation. People are leaving the church and staying home. I have been crying to God to send me a pastor after His own heart and I believe He has in Joseph Prince.

Review by: M., Montreal, Canada - August 3, 2009
Destined to Reign

I am one that loves to read and I have had the chance to read many Christian works. The books I have read have all helped with increasing my knowledge about God and His will for our life. Destined to Reign has radically change my way of thinking. It has brought together everything that I have always suspected about Grace versus Law. Today I see clearly what the scriptures teaches about the Lord's desire for my life today and I am ready to receive all the blessings God wants to bless me with. Today I want to be a blessing to others and share the Gospel so that others may also be set free. After I shared the content of this book with my wife she said that a huge burden was lifted from her life. Thank you Pastor Prince and may God continue to bless you, your family and ministry. Thank you Harrison House for publishing this book.

Review by: B., Marshalltown, IA - August 3, 2009
Destined to Reign

Not only have my husband and I read it we have bought many and gave them away as gifts. In fact I'm going to order another today to send to my nephew who is about to get out of prison. I tape Pastor Prince daily and have ever since he came on Daystar over a year and half ago. He is the only one we listen to now since everyone else seems to still embrace the law in some manner. We have Bible studies using his teaching every Sunday evening. We had permission to do so when we made a call directly to his Ministry. What a thrill that was. Jesus is coming and people have to know that they are totally 100% forgiven and stop the guilt thing so many teach today. God's Blessings on you till He comes and then just be Blessed forever!!! Love in Jesus.

Review by: M., WI - August 3, 2009
destined 2 reign

This book opened up to me the fullness of God's grace. I have been a Christian for over 20 years and I didn't understand that I was believing a mixed gospel. One of law and one of grace which meant grace was nullified. I even gave a copy of this book to my pastor because I realized that he was preaching a mixed gospel. It is really all about Jesus and God's total love for us!

Review by: D., Houston, TX - August 3, 2009
We have given this book to everyone we love!

My husband and I, in the ministry for 10 years, have been wonderfully renewed by the teaching in this book. We, ourselves, experienced such a refreshing in our love for Jesus.... we have given it to all our family and friends! Get ready to be changed!

Review by: J., Forrest City, AR - August 15, 2008
This Book Changed My Theology on Grace

Not only did this book change my theology, it also changed my Life. This is a must read for all who struggle with guilt and condemnation. Pastor Joseph Prince has been given the true revelation of Grace.

Review by: J., Moncks Corner, SC - May 20, 2008
Destined to Reign

This book has been a great blessing to me and my family. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know Jesus better and what He did for all of us. I can see how Jesus is coming back for a church without spot or blemish after reading this book. Praise God.

Review by: C., Hays, KS - May 20, 2008
Great ministry tool

Joseph Prince's waterfall analogy in the Destined to Reign book, has reallly stuck with me! I was able to use it to minister to a hurting young woman the other day who came to our store looking for a book on cutting! She was obviously in deep emotional pain, but actually came back in a second time to get the book, so we knew she really wanted help. To open a conversation with her, I asked if she was attending a church. From this question we discovered that she is new to town and was hoping that she could make some friends since this is a college town. We told her about a couple of youth-oriented groups that meet weekly, and then my collegue told her that Jesus loves her unconditionally and that He will never leave her or forsake her. She then asked if she had accepted Jesus as her Saviour. She nodded that she had, which opened a door for me to take it a little further. I told her that I saw the neatest thing in a book that I am reading; that all of us who have Jesus in our hearts are under a constant waterfall of cleansing. That we can do nothing to stop the cleansing, because of what Jesus did on the cross. I told her that we can be so sure that God looks us as clean, that we can freely run to Him any time for help and Love. Her eyes got big and she smiled for the first time! I invited her back, and assured her that we are always here for her. Thank you, Jesus!

Review by: A., Houston, TX - May 14, 2008
Destined to Reign!

I have been a Christian for 35 years-spent 23 under John Osteen @ Lakewood. Support, watch,read,listen to the Copelands,Hagees,Duplantis,Savelles and those of like teaching. Have seen Joseph a few times, picked up his book Destined to Reign at Lakewood and devoured it. What a breath of fresh air. I have fallen in love with Jesus all over again - just like when we met 35 years ago.

Review by: C., Lafayette,IN - April 28, 2008
Destined to Reign

This book truly set me free from wrong thinking, and I feel like I have been born-again all over. When first saved I experienced the full acceptance of Christ not being based on what I had done or not done. Then I got trapped into performing for people instead of Jesus-doing whatever I thought this or that one would approve of. I'm so in love with the Jesus that first revealed Himself to me decades ago. He is All-in-All. It is all about HIm! All for His glory. I'm so thankful for Joseph Prince's teaching. I've been set free from condemnation. As he said in the book you can't hear from the Holy Spirit if feeling condemned.