By (author): Taffi Dollar
Book Type: BB
Page Count: 208
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577949336
Case Count: 32
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The Father God is much more concerned about what is happening on the inside of His children than what they do outwardly. As your inner life grows and prospers in Him, your outward life will follow.

Your struggle to receive God's promises of peace, joy, healing, or provision may be directly affected by your inner motives. As you learn to reflect on the real person inside and allow God to reveal your heart motives, your life can be changed and your relationship with Him renewed!

Taffi L. Dollar, author, pastor, and popular television co-host, will take you on an inward journey of hope and change. As you begin this process, not only will you find your time with God refreshed, but your relationships in your family, career, and ministry will be stronger, more joyful, and full of freedom. Learn to evaluate your true motives including: if you are just pleasing people to avoid conflict, if you are overly concerned about what others think of you, if you have hurts that have caused you to form offenses against others, and more. As you uncover these hindrances to your destiny, you will be able to clear your conscience and begin to love every part of your life! By learning to evaluate your true motives, you will be encouraged to take time to reflect on a regular basis why you are doing what you do - giving you an honest and healthy approach to living.

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