By (author): Donald Moore
Book Size: 3.5 x 5.5
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9780892745548
Case Count: 320
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Price: $2.49

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For a marriage to work it must be founded upon the Word of God. It cannot be built on feelings, hopes or dreams.

Attitude often makes the difference between success and failure. This little book will help you check up on your attitude and develop a positive hope for a better marriage. Even if your marriage is already good, the wisdom shared here can make it better.

God wants your marriage to be a total success. Learn how to apply God's Word, and see your marriage go from defeat to victory.

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What Others are Saying

Review by: J., Jackson, MS - November 26, 2006
The Book That Made Me See Me!

I picked up the mini-book, A Daily Guide To A Better Marriage out of a Christian Book Store. I actually lost it afterward and ran across it again at a very low point in my marriage. It was through the reading of this little powerful book that my attitude toward my husband and my marriage changed. I realized that although I thought I had tried everything, this book offered an even deeper insight to those things I hadn't even thought of. I haven't gotten my husband to read it yet; however, he benefits from my having read it because I can love him deeper and treat him as I want to be treated. I know that he notices the difference and I pray one day that he will read it or that we will again read it together. I keep it as a reference tool. I thank God for placing this book in my place.

Review by: V., Irvington, NJ - November 26, 2006
Every Married Couple should have ...

This book is one in which every married couple should have as a helping guide to remain in the will of God and what has been ordained as marriage. I picked this book up as a quick read to assist me in making sure I am staying in the will of God and the marriage He called. I shared with my husband that collectively we should read this book to remain on one accord. My husband and I tried hard to read each page based on the day, but my husband found the meat so tasting and tenderlizing that he just could not put it down. By Day 7, he finished the readings. It is a consistant reminder to us that we cannot take anything, especially our marriage for granted. Our marriage is as precious as a pearl. This book has drawn my husband and I draw closer to God in this greatness called marriage and consistanly reminds us that in all our getting, we must get understanding and seek wisdom from God. We have decided to revisit this book within sixty days as a constant reminder of God's will and purpose for our marriage. I am ordering additional books to give out to married couples both troubled and working. A marriage can be saved if both parties are willing to work at it on a constant basis. God Bless you and thank you, we are very inspired.