By (author): Bob Yandian
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 208
Publisher: Empowered Life Academic
ISBN: 9781680310849
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After Paul had initially established churches in Galatia, he received discouraging news. Jews from Jerusalem had come to those Gentile churches and were teaching them to follow Jewish law as a means of salvation. Paul was so disturbed by this report, he wrote to confront the Galatians about their foolishness in turning to “dead works” after having received the glorious gospel of grace. The Galatian epistle could be called an unsparing manifesto of grace: a strong declaration of faith and faith alone for salvation, faith not based on any effort or observance, but founded solely upon the grace of God.

In this in-depth, verse-by-verse study of Galatians, Bob Yandian defines legalism and its effects upon both ancient Galatians and modern Christians. By outlining how legalism infected the Galatian churches, Yandian also exposes modern legalism and discusses ways to overcome this most subtle of Satan’s attacks upon the church of Jesus Christ.

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