By (author)s: T.L. Osborn, LaDonna Osborn
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 80
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9780879431792
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"We Aim at the profound simplicity of biblical Christianity, as we set forth these 10 Gospel Basics. They constitute a practical alternative to complex theology. We do not pretend that these basics include all essential Bible truth. We call them Gospel Basics, because they concern vital concepts for practical Christian living today.

If new believers can assimilate these basics, they can experience peace, health, success, and happiness; they can achieve God's BEST by actually becoming all that He has had in mind for them to be. (Rom 5:2 LB) These basics can seed in believers both human practicality and divine realism as Jesus is made flesh IN HUMAN LIFE - TODAY. Embracing these basics can life you from religious mediocrity to Christian excellence. It can energize and actualize your unique destiny with Christ, Ministering Love In a Hurting World. These are the 10 Gospel Basics that comprise the foundational truths that we proclaim." - T. L. Osborn and (daughter) LaDonna Osborn

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