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"Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree: That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith" (Galatians 3:13-14).

The curse is a declaration which dooms us to failure. But, when we made Jesus the Lord of our lives, He made us free from the curse of sickness, lack, fear and defeat. THE BLESSING of Abraham listed in Deuteronomy 28:1-14 is a declaration which empowers us to prosper and succeed in life.

Join Pastor George Pearsons as he teaches this verse-by-verse study of THE BLESSING of Abraham with Gloria Copeland. Together, they explore each rich scripture in that passage in Deuteronomy. Their topics included:

  • Overtaken by THE BLESSING
  • Enemies on the Run
  • Treasures From Heaven
  • The Head and Not the Tail
  • And more!

Discover how to renew your mind to THE BLESSING of Abraham and watch God's promise fulfilled as it comes on you and overtakes you. Learn how to live in THE BLESSING!

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