By (author): Kinda Wilson
Book Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Book Type: BA
Page Count: 176
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781606830086
Case Count: 64
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Price: $10.99

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Take it from a gal who's been there: dating can be difficult! Kinda Wilson, in a stunning debut, leads teen and twenties girls by the hand as they navigate through tough waters. Tackling such issues as self-esteem and appearance, looking for a date, dating, breaking up, and moving on, Kinda combines humor and compassion as she helps rebuild your confidence. With a Christian perspective on dating, you will realize your precious and unique worth as God's girl - regardless of your "success" (or lack of) in the dating world. Chapter titles include:

  • God says I'm beautiful, but today I'm not feelin' it!
  • I'm tired of dating Jesus…and I think the feeling is mutual
  • I think I saw a sparkler…let's make out
  • God, smite my enemies!
  • I've been slam-dumped!
  • Guys are like gangrene

Learn how to overcome issues you face every day with humor and grace!

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What Others are Saying

Review by: N., Zambia - November 26, 2010
i looooooved your book! am 21 years old and am from Zambia and i fell in love with it! i felt like you were talking directly to me cuz am that girl whos never had a bofriend and never even kissed a guy and everybody thinks thats weird and wrong that iv not done that and am 21! i always tell them am waiting for the guy that God has for me but sometimes it felt sad that i didnt have one. your book helped me reaffirm that i should be patient and wait for the right guy who God has for me! thank you soo much:)
Review by: A., A. A. - June 21, 2010
Hi there, i just bought your book on Sunday and *dramatic breath* I LOVE IT! I especially love the "Bad boys" chapter its my favourite one because when I read it, it made me realize a couple things.... 1. liking a bad boy isn't a sin 2. I can't change them 3. I'M NORMAL! :) thank-you for writing the best book i've ever read! :) okay I have to change what I wrote a week ago to this... Your book has entirely changed my life! I've read it for a second time and I let everything sync in and you being honest about love and hurt and beauty made me really apreciate an honest author and at times It made me teary eyed thank-you for making me realize I AM enough! xoxoxox