By (author): Larry Hutton
Book Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 160
ISBN: 9781606830109
Case Count: 72
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Price: $14.99

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Control your feelings 100% of the Time!

Are you one who has difficulty controlling your temper? Do you feel continual strife in your home? Is stress getting the best of you? Are you constantly haunted by depression? Are worry, hurt feelings, or discouragement overwhelming your life? If so - we have great news for you. You can learn how to abolish those times forever!

All of the things listed above are part of the emotional realm. They are actually emotional disorders! But God has made a way for you to live free from all of them.

In this life-transforming book, Larry Hutton shares powerful truths that will set your life on a course of complete peace and joy! You will discover that Jesus took upon himself all of your pandemonium, upheaval, turmoil, chaos, uproar, confusion, madness, rage, fury, panic, fear, terror, and every other type of mental disturbance. Not only did Jesus take all your emotional disorders away, He made a way for you to walk in His mental and emotional stability as well.

If you are tired of living on an emotional roller coaster, then it's time to learn how to keep your emotions under complete control - at all times, and under all circumstances!

When you have finished reading this book you will be ready, eager, and equipped to live your life free from worry, stress, strife, offense, depression - every type of emotional disorder! You will never have to have a down day ever again!

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