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Meeting Mr. Right is the second of three in the Mr. Right Novel Series.

After a traumatic relationship in her first year of college, Julia is back in her hometown. She learned the hard way the dangers of dating Mr. Wrong and has put her priorities back on track, determined this time to wait for the right guy. You will travel home with Julia as she reconnects with family and friends. But things have changed and a flood of attention from all the wrong guys is testing her resolve-especially when some of her closest friends are getting married!

Can her relationship with God help her to make better choices in her relationships? With a fresh new attitude about life, Julia begins to help her friends who are facing their own battles, like eating disorders, Internet predators, and sexual harassment. And then suddenly, it happens. Julia meets her long-awaited prince. You'll see that God is always faithful to keep His promises, and that they often come to pass in the most unlikely ways.

You won't want to miss any part of Julia's continuing story!

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What Others are Saying

Review by: C, Washburn, MO - September 21, 2012

Waiting for Mr. Right was a fantastic read! The storyline held me from start to finish - I honestly could not put the book down! As a parent of a teenage daughter, I was relieved to have this book and the sequels, Meeting Mr. Right and Marrying Mr. Right, to reinforce our convictions in the area of relationships, boundaries, and the need to stay close to The Lord and His protective covering in order to secure His best plans for life. My daughter loved the books as well, and the discussions shared with her have been priceless.