By (author): Keith Butler
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 114
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781606839836
Case Count: 108
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Price: $9.99

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Does it matter how you live as a Christian? Can you do anything you want in the mistaken belief that God’s grace covers all sin with no consequences? Or do you live in fear of God’s judgment, anxious about the fate of your eternal soul?

Friend, God wants you to live in freedom, and in this book I teach you how to look at the audience, the context, and the terms grace and judgment in the Word in order to rightly divide the truth. You will:

  • Understand how both grace and judgment can be operative in the same time and place;
  • Take a scriptural tour of God’s covenant with Abram, a covenant that is still in place today, to see why the United States has reaped negative judgment as a result of violating the covenant; and
  • Have a mature understanding of why and how a person walking in faith can experience problems.

Through it all, you will embrace God’s amazing, all-sufficient grace that enables you to live in righteousness, truth, and freedom!

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