By (author): Mary Hudson
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 192
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781606839966
Case Count: 68
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Do you get angry at your children easily? Do you often feel like giving up and throwing in the towel? You DO NOT have to feel or react like this anymore!

It is difficult to watch your children do things “their way,” especially when it looks like it is totally the opposite of God’s way. You want to shout, “Stop!” because you clearly see the danger ahead. Mary Hudson shows you how as a parent you can look past your hurt and love your children despite their actions. Joyful Parent = Happy Home will encourage you to love your way into your kids’ world. Loving your children unconditionally is the primary ingredient to becoming a Joyful Parent.

Once you figure out what is stealing your joy, you have won half the battle. The enemy is the one that is stealing your JOY – not your children. This is a spiritual battle. The enemy’s most effective weapon is deception. And if you fall for his lie that your child is never going to change and will always live a certain way, you have been duped by one of the devil’s oldest tricks.

You will be surprised – you will get a brand-new view of parenting when you appropriate a brand-new attitude toward your children. We have to encourage our children with a vision for their future, with the plans that the Lord has for them. We need to remind them that the world will use and abuse them, but God will never fail them. Start speaking life to your children no matter what they are up to or what they are up against. Then, you will start to see life arise in them!

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