By (author): Buddy Harrison
Book Size: 4 x 6
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 96
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577941040
Case Count: 264
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Price: $4.99

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Your life does not have to be "hit" or "miss"

God never intended for us to operate on a hit or miss basis. He did not operate that way and He certainly does not expect us to manage our lives that way.

"We know how special we are to God because He gave us freedom of choice...since God created us to make decisions, then we can be sure that He has also given us the proper way to make those decisions. He will show us what to do and give us the necessary steps that are involved."
- Buddy Harrison, Choosing Wisely

Prepare to gain insight from the seven steps that Moses took in forming his decision to lead God's people out of Egypt, including:

  • How to weigh your choices
  • Refusing the lesser choice
  • Choosing the positive option
  • Enduring challenges
  • And more!

You will learn the God-inspired system for making right choices and how to overcome roadblocks set up to stop you from carrying out your decisions. Begin Choosing Wisely today and find God's direction to all of life's questions.

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