By (author): Buddy Harrison
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Page Count: 224
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577944188
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Are you trusting in the world's financial system that is unstable, ever changing, and often left to chance? Instead, trust in God's banking system, where your money is multiplied beyond measure and safe and secure because it is founded on the rock of Jesus Christ. God's banking system is the only one that never has a recession.

The Lord has not called us to poverty; He has called us to prosperity, and He has given us the power, favor, ability, and principles to get wealth - so if we aren't walking in the exceedingly abundant overflow, either we don't have the knowledge of how to walk in it, or we are refusing to act on what we know. Dr. Buddy Harrison wrote this book because he wanted God's people to know what He has for them and how to walk in it.

Just as many things on earth are patterned after heaven, so is our banking system patterned after God's. Dr. Harrison shows the correlation between checking, savings, and loans, with tithes, offerings, and alms. These dynamic truths will teach you:

  • How to operate in God's financial system
  • What true prosperity is
  • The truth about the tithe
  • Why tithing is the key to financial success

You no longer need to be in bondage to lack and debt. We serve a heavenly Father who is a gift-giving God - more than able and willing to supply beyond our needs and expectations. Stop trusting solely on the world's financial system and start investing in God's banking system today!

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What Others are Saying

Review by: K., Columbus, Nebraska - October 3, 2003
WOW!!! I've waited for this for a year

WOW!! I have been having financial strife and disorganization and other $$$troubles to boot, in fact they have always been a part of my life - that is until now. Heck! I'm not done reading the book yet and I can see what I've been doing wrong and I feel the hand of the Lord guiding me to liberation already. In both of my marriages, there had been considerable money shortages, disorganization, stealing and all kinds of havoc. No one tithed. I did for a while when I hung out my shingle to be self employed and needed my business to prosper and it did. But I stopped and so did my business. Even then I didn't know or realize what Buddy had wrote in this awesome book had existed. I recieved the Lord as my Savior last summer and the new church I went to was showing me a new perspective on tithing (I used to be Catholic), my pastor would say, Let's praise the Lord with our tithes I'm like that's different and I like it. So I did, but I got angry with the pastor's wife and didn't tithe for a while and I know now that was all wrong. When I did tithe things did improve and I had steady work. Well I started going to a different church and the pastor there was lots different, he says quite a bit when we tithe, he asks for the Lord's blessing in great detail for the congregation and I'm like wow, this different, but I sure like it. Well, it turns out this summer/late spring I lost my job and was unemployed for a while with a little to float my boat, I couldn't understand what was going on, then things got worse when I did get a job, seemed like I had more $$$ when I was umemployed and my child and I went to bed hungry at nite, it was just awful. We never had to do anything like that before. Well at the church I go to now I felt like I couldn't wait to tithe and I was so excited about it. Then my nursing agency picked up and I had some very good hours coming in and then it just stopped to a trickle. That's where I'm at right now. So I've been praying and praying and then I saw Buddy's book in the bookcase in the back of the church and I asked my pastor what it would cost to take it back home and he looks at it and says oh, this one's free and I knew just then that the hand of the Lord was with me to help me find it and get it home. I've been asking the Lord to move in my life financially and to bless me with work and to help get my ministry off the ground, to bless me so I can bless others and now I know my prayers will not be unfruitful. I just want to bless the Lord and Harrison House right now for this wonderful book. My pastor says that Buddy is up with the Lord right now and I can see why.