By (author): Pat Harrison
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You are a woman by birth, a wife by choice, and a mother by blessing!

The role of women in today's society seems to be ever changing and often downright confusing. Today's woman rushes frantically trying to keep up with the hectic demands of her life, often exhausted at the end of each day with little to show for her efforts.

Many times she finds herself sacrificing those things most important to her in order to stay afloat in the sea of overwhelming demands. She has to wear so many different hats that eventually she may forget who she really is or what she dreamed of becoming.

God did not create women to live this way. If you are frustrated with your life, your marriage or your family, then you need to stop right now and take a break to read this book.

Pat Harrison puts the great balancing act of being a woman into perspective. The scriptural truths found in this book outline God's master design for women. Regardless of whether or not you are married or have children, these life-changing principles will help you get back on track to being the special person God created you to be. You will learn:

  • Why God made women special
  • How to find out who you really are
  • How to be the wife and mother God wants you to be
  • How to maintain a well balanced life

Don't allow the enemy to rob you of the joy and special honor of being a woman, wife and mother any longer. Start mastering the great balancing act of womanhood right now!

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What Others are Saying

Review by: T., Dallas TX - November 26, 2006

She really puts it out there. No sugar-coating. It was exactly what I needed at the pricise time I needed it! It is packed with so many real life strategies on how to become better at this trifecta. I love how she breaks apart Prov 31 and parrallels it to our lives today. She speaks to every woman, wife, and mother regardless of status or circumstance. We are all in this together and it takes a woman like her to show us newbies how it can be done. I loved it and will read it again and again! Pat, thank you so much for your wisdom, encouragement, and love.