By (author): Blaine Bartel
Book Size: 4 x 6
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 96
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577944591
Case Count: 297
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Price: $4.99

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Most teens strive to be "cool", but do they really know what it means to be cool? Most have a skewed view on what being cool really is, and it has nothing to do with what you're wearing. Read this Little Black Book that will give you helpful advice and suggestions on learning how to really be cool: confident, giving, and accepting.

1. Find out what really counts
2. Discover what's cool & what's not
3. Know what to do and with who

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What Others are Saying

Review by: D., Washington, D.C. - November 26, 2006
A lot of good advise in one handy reference

When I was in college, a lot of friends thought my Bible Study Group was bit corny. I wish I had this reference back then! This book has a lot of info on how to play it off, even make following our Lord sound cool. Sometimes the term Jesus Freaks is applied to youth who have witnessed. Getting lumped with nerds and geeks is not helpful to our cause. The truth is that these simple tips can help us all. From this book I learned: It can be just as easy to say Sorry, I'm driving with the Lord when someone trys to get you to drink at a party. If someone pressures you for sex, it is best to play it off My prophylactic is God Himself When someone provokes you by making fun of the Gospel, try to turn the tables If you can laugh at your maker, will you still be laughing when judgement day is here?! I used to resort to personal threats. People made me so angry, my un-Christian responses provoked them further. Sometimes not stooping to secularize your views helps to reduce tensions. Good stuff from this handy text.

Review by: B., Meriden, KS - November 26, 2006
Became a COOL teaching series.

This little black book became an excellent teaching series for our youth ministry this summer. We did Seven Summer Sessions on COOL and the practical insights were very helpful to our teenagers!

Review by: L., Tahlequah, Okla. - November 26, 2006
The change this book made on me.

Hello. I'm seventeen from Tahlequah, OK. My friend gave me Every teenager's little black book on cool while we were on a mission trip in Florida. We had about 20 something other kids and I was one who got up when they ask to give a testimony. It felt like someone was pushing me to get up and talk to the other people about what I did in my life that was bad and how I was alway tring to fit in with the other kids at school. So after I got done telling about me tring drugs (which I did once and new it wasn't me who was doing it was the other me tring to fit) and drinking, but not sex. That one thing I choice not to do and won't do till I'm married. But after our little class was over, my friend took me to his room and handed me a little black book. I just look at it and look at him. He told me This well tell you what's cool and what's not. When I finshed it I thought wow, I didn't have to do those thing I did to be cool. I miss him because he is from Tulsa and I don't get to go to Tulsa much, but I would like to see him some day and hug him and say thanks so much for giving me this book. When my school started up I moved in the dorms. I just tried out the dorms, but I made some friend that did drugs and drinks alot. Well I talk to them about God, I even showed them my little black book. They took it and read it. I don't think it change my friend much, but it show her some. Right now I want to get the other Little black book and show them and I want to talk to my friend more about God. And my friend should love him more and even I should love him more. But thanks Blaine Bartel for writing this book. And Thanks god for every thing you blessed me with. *_*