By (author): Jerry Savelle
Book Size: 4.4 x 7
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 176
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577944645
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The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength!

We read this verse in the Bible, we hear about it in sermons, we even sing about it. But what does this really mean? Simply this: The devil can't defeat a joyful believer! No matter how bleak your problem looks or how bad your circumstances are, if you can read your Bible, you can rejoice. And if you can rejoice, you are a candidate for victory!

Are you tired of being discouraged in your walk with the Lord? Has your joy been left along the wayside somewhere? Be of good cheer! Author Jerry Savelle outlines powerful truths that will help you find your joy and get you back on the track of being a victor instead of a victim! Satan wants your joy, and he wants it badly. Stop him in his tracks by learning:

  • How God's Word produces joy
  • Why Satan wants your joy
  • How Satan steals your joy
  • How to make Satan return what he has stolen (sevenfold!)
  • How to laugh more and cry less

Stop being an open target for the enemy's attacks. It's time to turn the tables and put the enemy on the defense!

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What Others are Saying

Review by: C., Unknown - November 26, 2006
Helped Me and My Husband Tremendously

I just wanted to tell you how awesome the book, If Satan can't steal your joy, he can't keep your goods, was. I am telling every one I know that they have to read it. It has helped me and my husband tremendously. Thank you!

Review by: P., Richmond, Va. - November 26, 2006
This is truly one awesome message!!

I wish I had the space to tell my whole testimonialand about what a powerful message is in this book. When I think of what the devil has robbed from me in the past few husband left, I lost my home, my furniture, my own car, my own income, no child support. I had been reduced to extreme poverty. But now I have read this book, and the message from God has placed me in a position of authority where I have now demanded the devil return these and more to me immediately!! And I could indeed see God laughing at satan!! Awesome!

Review by: B., LAFAYETTE, LA - November 26, 2006
just what i needed,

I bought this book almost a year ago, when I was going through a painful divorce, I read one chapter and never finished. I found myself feeling hopeless again, and set out to look for it. This time I read with such a fervor,. I was feeling like I didn't have a friend in the world. Death was even starting to look a little more hopeful. This book saved my soul and gave me a newness of life life Like never before. thanks

Review by: S., Easley, SC - November 26, 2006
This book really made a difference in my life

My brother gave me this book to read in the midst of the worst sickness that I have ever had. I was down for about 3 months and I am almost never sick. God really showed me through this book that Satan was really attacking my body and was doing a fine job at it. It has been 9 months now and I am just now getting back to renewed health. Satan has tried to attack me in so many ways and I have always told him to go jump. Well he got smart and decided to hit me where I couldn't even get off the couch to fight him. My in-laws had to move in to help with the cooking and the cleaning and taking care of my husband and two boys. I have never felt so low and empty in my whole 41 years of life. Thank goodness for my church and family and many prayer warriors who prayed me back on my feet. I have always taken my good health for granted and God really taught me alot during this low time in my life. After reading this book, I have learned to keep my joy no matter what he does to me. It's amazing how many people are being attacked in their health. It's like Satan is really having a hard time knocking people down so he hits their health to where they can't function or think straight. Well he has another thing coming. I am ordering 5 of these books to give away so people can know how to fight God's way. I excited to see the other book in the series and can't wait to read it. I'm thankful for God-gifted people who can write and tell their story to help thousands of others. Thank you for sharing God's gift with us.

Review by: A., Ofallon, IL - November 26, 2006
If Satan Can't Steal Your Dreams...

I was at Walmart about a year ago buying my mother-in-law a tv my husband wanted. It was Christmas and the line was large. While in the line I went to get a book to read. I saw this title that stuck out to me. I took the book back to the line and start reading it. I couldn't put it down. I was getting a layaway out so I didn't really have any extra money although the book is resonable priced. I had to leave the book and told myself I'll come back and get it the next time but I could not find that book that was so inspirational to me. But God has a plan when always to his people. I was looking again and found the book and purchase it two weeks ago. I've been nothing but blessed reading Mr Savelle book and I plan to purchase the other book If If Satan Can't Steal Your Joy. This book is a good read for tempermental people as well as dream believers.

Review by: K., covington,ga - November 26, 2006
Thank,You Jesus

This book is awsome when i really though there was know hope for me after reading this book now my spirit has been renewed and the good news is that satan can't steal my joy and has too return everything he has stolen from me and my wife.Thank God and for my wife who brought this book home from work one day and gave it too me to read.It was like God sent it from heaven just for me.What a blessing from God, thank you.