By (author): Jerry Savelle
Book Size: 4.25 x 7
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Page Count: 176
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577944812
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The future begins with a dream!

The heavenly Father has a special gift for each person. When he first plants this gift in their hearts, it is tiny as the smallest seed. But no one should be fooled. It has the potential to grow into something great and marvelous in both size and beauty. The gift is simply a dream.

What better way for Satan to rob Christians of their future than to quench their enthusiasm for this God-given vision? And he is definitely ready with every trick he knows to sow seeds of doubt, fear, distraction, and discouragement into the believer's life.

The good news is that with God's help, Satan does not have the power to take away what God has given - unless allowed to do so. That's precisely why best-selling author Jerry Savelle teaches readers biblical truths that include:

  • Satan's #1 strategy for robbing individuals of their dreams
  • The telltale signs that indicate one's faith is wavering - and what to do about it immediately
  • The secrets of recapturing one's dreams
  • The four univeral principles of bringing dreams into reality

Millions of people have the desire to be and do something extraordinary but have allowed disappointments and hardships to rob them of this vision. God is ready and able to help them recapture and dream what He has planted in their hearts.

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What Others are Saying

Review by: K., Norfolk UK - August 13, 2007
If Satan Can't Steal Your Dreams ...

This book has shown me how important it is to keep trusting and believing God's promises for our lives, no matter what the devil will try and throw at us, to get us into doubt and unbelief, with the intent of giving up on trusting God for the answer to our prayers. This book has taught me how important it is to walk by faith in God's spoken and written word for our lives, regardless of the FUD (fear, uncertainty & doubts) the enemy is putting our way. I'm so glad I found this book. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to anyone that is going through any sort of protracted spiritual battle, where the devil is telling you that the thing you are trusting God for is NEVER going to happen. The devil most definately does not want you to receive all the good things God has planned for your life. That's why sometimes all hell breaks out, and the thing you are trusting God for keeps getting delayed time and time again. The answer is, just hang in there and keep trusting in the faithfullness of God, because God never makes a mistake, and He WILL ALWAYS deliver on all His promises, even though it seems like in the natural it will never happen.