By (author): James Riddle
Book Size: 5.5 x 7.5
Book Type: BA
Page Count: 320
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577948407
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Every Promise of Healing is Yours!

Whether you need healing today or are just building your faith for divine health, this one handy resource gives you every single promise in God's Word for health and healing in a quick and convenient format.

The Complete Personalized Promise Bible on Health and Healing is a powerful tool to help you release your faith right now - and receive the healing blessings God has for you. Not only are these Scripture promises listed for you, but each one is accompanied by a personalized prayer and a declaration of faith for you to speak directly to the heart of God.

You'll discover that Jesus died to bring wholeness in every area of your life. Broken relationship and fellowship with God has now been restored. Sickness is now healed. Everything that you need to live in health, prosperity, joy, and absolute fulfillment is available in Christ Jesus.

Begin to recognize God's love for you in its fullest measure and discover that no sin, sickness, or disease will ever hold you in bondage again.

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What Others are Saying

Review by: C., Books and Chocolate - January 11, 2011
Review from Books and Chocolate: This is a handy reference containing every promise in the Bible pertaining to health and healing. Each scripture or passage is followed by a personalized prayer and affirmation the author calls a declaration of faith. The chapters I've read so far have provided a positive focus as I seek to learn more about what God himself says about healing and what I can expect as a believer.

This is a good resource for Biblical truth and encouragement for Christians dealing with health issues and helps the reader receive God's word and promises with confidence. The scriptures reveal God's love as the source of His desire for health, and the author helps the reader understand God's plan for healing.