By (author): Andrew Wommack
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The controversial subject of the spiritual authority of the believer in Christ is widely discussed in the church today. Now, Andrew Wommack, host of the #1 fastest growing ministry on television, gives us a new perspective that may challenge everything we've been taught including:

  • If believers have been given authority, then when, how, and toward what should it be exercised? Discover the true battleground and learn how to recognize the real enemy.
  • Most people believe God created our enemy, Satan, but did He? Understanding the answer will set you free to exercise your authority as a believer.
  • Is spiritual warfare, as taught in many churches today, valid? Can believers use their authority to fight the devil and his demons in the air, or is the real battle in the mind?

Digging into the Scriptures, Andrew reveals the spiritual significance of choices, words, and actions and how they affect a believer's ability to stand against the attacks of Satan and to receive God's best. Discover how the enemy works through your thoughts, interjecting his negative influence on a consistent basis. The devil can't control you outside of your will, but he can use the power of fear, jealousy, envy, bitterness, self-pity and more. A believer's lack of awareness and understanding of the battle only works to the enemy's advantage. By believing God's Word and recognizing what's happening in the spirit realm, you can begin to take the proper action to improve your situation. Learn to release God's power of blessing instead of yielding to Satan's power of sin and death.

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What Others are Saying

Review by: S., Newport News, VA - November 23, 2009
GOD's Kingdom Promises Await Us

The content in this book has NOT been taught in our churches. We've always been taught to pray, 'if it be your will LORD, heal me, which is not based on the Holy Bible. I thank GOD for using Andrew Wommack to teach this subject. Reading this book has proven to be an eye-opening experience. I learned the correct way to gain the promises of GOD. We can proclaim the promises of GOD, and know that He is a loving Father that has great pleasure in prospering us and giving us His Kingdom Promises. I'm looking to do great works for my GOD!

Review by: S., U. S. - August 3, 2009
Beliver's Authority

Man I just don't know where to start. I've had a relationship with GOD only 2 1/2 years. I've been pretty active in my church attending Life Groups and also leading groups. But this book has just filled me up with so many questions I feel like Habakkuh and I say this because of all that has come to light since I started reading this book. I awoke one day asking GOD why do I have so many questions know about prayer, intercession, healing just things that I see now through this book has just awakened something up inside me. And I was lead to the book of Habakkah in my daily devotional bible,and all the questions he had. But the way I deal with things now is just so different. Prayer has taken on a different dimension although I must say I am getting a little flack from some people in my church but it dosen't bother me because while I was reading the book I also looked up the verses in my bible and I was just so amazed at the revelations I was getting from GOD and the truth of Jesus death, burial, and resurrection and the gift he has given us through that. And a realization that the battle is in our minds and that satan has no power over us. I must share what happened in our Experiencing God class last week. A friend in the group asked for prayer. He asked it in this way. He wanted to stop smoking cigarettes - his mother died of lung cancer due to smoking 6 months ago.He asked the LORD if its your will please help me to stop smoking and I was just shocked when every one in the room agreed with him they all said yes Lord if its your will help him to stop smoking. I still don't know (well I do know now) what came over me but I just stopped and jumped up and looked at him and said dude if it's GOD well come on GOD dosen't want you smoking your body is a temple He dosen't want you or any of us to die in that way or any other way. I could not believe what and how I said what I said. And I started praying and I asked him to repeat after me and we prayed a different prayer but GOD was not finished. Right when the group was letting out God told me to lay hands on him for healing of his addiction. I have never laid hands on anyone in this manner especally around 10 other men or people. But I got the group leader and I told him we must lay hands on Frank now before he leaves so we went back in the room and everyone followed. Frank sat down and we started praying. I do speak in a prayer language but I didn't want to at that time. I was a bit worried of some of the men being scared off, those who have never experienced prayer language in a group or even laying hands but the tongue started moving as our leader prayed and then I started rubbing his back where the lungs are and praying even louder. I could not stop myself but I knew then that he would be healed. I asked Frank once again this time to claim his healing through the power given us through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and he started crying like a baby. This is a man that I've seen for awhile and have talked to - he is part of my men's group on Fridays MEN KEEPING IT REAL. He never shows emotion but that night he did. He cried and cried. It was just unreal. Well he has not had a cigarette since. He has shared what has happened with a lot of people in the church even the pastors. I've been asked Have kept in touch with him or even called to see how he is doing? I say there is no need to - he is HEALED of his addiction - he will not smoke anymore. He has gone a week. I know that is not long but he has never gone more than a day or 2 with out smoking in 30 years. I looked at him in Sunday service this past week he was sharing his story and as I walked by the guys grabbed me and asked if I knew he did stop. I told them all no - he didn't stop, he was Healed through the death, burial, and resurrection of JESUS CHRIST through the authority given to all of us who believe in his power through and will not doubt. He has been healed and I have been changed. Now I am on a mandate to change the thinking of a lot of people. We do have the Authority but the struggle is just in our minds and if we stay truly in his Word we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. If I could just tell Andrew Wommack thank you so much for this book I know he is comming to NC in June I hope I can be there to hear his teachings. Thank You - a changed believer!