By (author): Mark Hankins
Book Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 340
ISBN: 9781889981222
Case Count: 18
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The blood of Jesus is "liquid love" that flows from the heart of God and gives us hope in all circumstances. In this book you will be studying the power of the blood of Jesus. Not only will you clearly see what the blood has done for you, but also what it does in you as a believer.

The blood of Jesus reaches into Heaven's holiest place and it also reaches into man's lowest places. Through faith in the blood of Jesus, we can live in the reality of our redemption which gives real solutions to real problems for real people. By faith we are a part of a new bloodline - The Bloodline of a Champion.

As you read The Bloodline of a Champion, you will learn:

  • How to win your case by pleading the blood.
  • The blood of Jesus has many applications. Jesus applied His blood in Heaven, and we must apply it to our hearts and lives by faith.
  • How Jesus paid for your redemption with His blood. He paid too high a price for your victory for you to be defeated.
  • How God sees us through the blood of Jesus and accepts us based on the condition of His perfect sacrifice.
  • When the blood of Jesus is honored, the Holy Spirit will work.
  • How the application of the blood of Jesus and the joy of the Lord are so closely connected.

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