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An earthquake is devastating! People are killed, wounded, and lives are forever changed. But in this natural disaster, caring people come quickly to their aid.

As a volunteer chaplain in a Texas prison for seven years, I soon discovered that there was something like an earthquake going on in the lives of many of the prisoners. Their understanding was not coming together enough to help them live an acceptable life in society. They needed instruction for understanding to help them break the patterns that had caused their failures. They needed help just like earthquake victims, only in a different way. Many of their needs were catastrophic. I was able to see that understanding in some of these areas of life could help them immensely.

Focus addresses the real issues in life that we all face at some point. Each chapter contains personal stories by real people. Dr. Alloway uses biblical application and Scripture to address each topic. I highly recommend this book for personal, family, or classroom instruction.
Vance L. Drum, D. Min.
Staff Chaplain, Eastham Unit, Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Past President, American Protestant Correctional Chaplains Association

My life has been enriched as a result of working with and knowing Dr. Henry Alloway. His outstanding book is a reflection of his years of devoted ministry and service to the Kingdom of God. His many and varied ministry experiences coupled with his knowledge of God's Word and passion for needly people makes his book a must in the hands of Christian educators; and especially, I see it as a valuable teaching tool for prison chaplains as it relates to offender discipleship. This book is great for both individual and small group work. I endorse Dr. Alloway and his fine book without reservation and pray it will bless and inspire many along their spiritual journey as it has mine.
Pastor Jerry Groom
Retired Administrator of Chaplaincy Programs, Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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