By (author): Dr. Bill Moore
Book Type: Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9781680314250
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"Good Man, Great Family is a compelling and timely book that will challenge every man who reads it to climb to higher plateaus." - Bishop Marcus Lamb, Founder - Daystar Television Network

"I believe Bill is one of the few men qualified to speak on the subject of men. He lives what he reveals in this challenging and timely book!" - Pastor Charles Nieman, Abundant Living Faith Center

Are You A Good Man?

What makes a good man? As a husband and father, how do you raise a healthy family?

In a culture where men are burdened by shame and confused about their identity, there remains one beacon of hope which every man must follow: God's Word.

In Good Man, Great Family, Dr. Bill Moore offers Biblical truths, practical steps, and engaging examples to guide you on your journey to becoming the husband and father that God created you to be.

Dr. Moore shares:

  • How to affair-proof your marriage
  • 4 things most men don't know about life
  • That God is bigger than any failure

Become the man that God created you to be, and discover the true satisfaction that comes from being a good man, with a great family!

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