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From Faith To Faith - A Daily Guide To Victory

Now you can have a word of encouragement . . . a word of inspiration . . . a word of faith . . . every single day of the year!

Written by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, From Faith to Faith daily devotional deals with real living. From their own experience, the Copeland's know the fight of faith isn't won overnight. It's won little by little in the practical territory of everyday life.

From Faith to Faith talks about the struggles you face every day . . . struggles with weariness, irritation, children, finances, even overeating. Kenneth and Gloria show you how, by applying the Word of God, you can make major changes for victory in every area of your life.

Just think . . . breakfast, your Bible, and a big word of encouragement and faith from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland every day of the year. You will grow From Faith to Faith.

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What Others are Saying

Review by: K., Camp Lejeune, NC - August 13, 2007
from faith to faith a daily guide to victory

My husband is presently on a 12-14 month deployment serving at Haditha Dam, Iraq. We were both given a copy of this book by his Mom for Christmas. He and I are able to read the same verses and scripture daily and to stay connected by being literally on the same page for prayer. Some of the readings and scripture say one thing to my husband and something totally different to me. He is on the other side of the world fighting a completely different battle than what I have to go through daily being at home and a single mom. It's very difficult to imagine what his days are like, but with both of us sharing the same WORD-we are able to stay spiritually connected and know that our prayers for each other are being answered. God Bless!

Review by: N., Fremont, California - November 26, 2006
Walk Back to God

My pastor gave me this devotional several weeks after my 16 year old son died in a car accident. This devotional has helped me get back into daily bible reading. It has offered me discipline when I desparately needed it. The messages are short & always helpful. I start my morning with the reading! God is GOOD, no matter what happens!

Review by: K., UK ENGLAND - November 26, 2006

...placed this book in my hand, on the night I finally excepted the Lord Jesus in my life. To me this book was as if God was saying Now you have no excuse as i did find the bible a little to complex, and i needed a book that spoke a langauge i could understand. I would hold a problem in my head and would ask the lord to guide to what it was he would like to share with me. It was all my problems, out of all the pages in the book, how could any one know what i was going through other than God. It became a tool i used, and when i saw someone that really needed that understanding would give then my book, in hope it would open up the love and understanding as it gave to me..Gods words, it make you want to seek Gods word, to have a better understanding.....For me i had always had hope, but it confirmed it all. It gave me vision, wanting to share what i saw in words to others in the same way of my findings. I remeber a day i felt really fat..... I placed the thought in to the book. The begining went Do you have days were you really feel fat? after reading it came out with a much more better feeling about my image. Can tell you loads ......but that would be a book in its self.

Review by: F., Houston, TX - November 26, 2006
Daily Renewal For My Spirit

I have read From Faith to Faith for the past 11 years. Each time I read a page it seems new to me and provides me with a new outlook. My faith has been tested repeatedly during this period. While we know turning to God is the only answer, this book is a great reminder that breaks Bible verses down and provides much needed ministry. Thank you for producing this wonderful devotional.

Review by: J., Indianapolis, IN - November 26, 2006
What a blessing.

This book has helped revolutionize the way my wife and I think. I would recommend it to anyone.