By (author): Casey Treat
Book Size: 6 x 9
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 272
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577941903
Case Count: 52
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Many Christians today struggle through life with sin, failures, and depression and wonder why it's all happening to them. Paul teaches that the "spiritual mind" is life and peace. The fact is that until our minds are renewed by the Word of God, we will still be conformed to this world. If you try to change your attitudes or behaviors without dealing with your basic mind-set, the changes will only be temporary; and soon your mind will lead you into the same problems over and over again. Once your mind has been renewed, you will discover your entire life changing for the better.

Pastor Casey Treat gives insight and revelation to finding the real and lasting change you desire. Many do not realize the effect their thoughts have on their spiritual lives. In Casey's message you will learn to renew your thoughts and develop the life of victory that you desire.

Discover a life of peace and freedom that begins with Renewing the Mind!

You will discover:

  • The power of your thought patterns
  • Five areas of the mind that must be renewed
  • How to get your mind in shape
  • Keys to restoring your mind for victory

"You have a winner! All Christians need to read this book!"
- Ed Cole

"This book will help bring your thinking in line with the positive framework of God's Word and show you how to achieve the success in life that God wills for all who choose His thoughts and His ways."
- T.L. Osborn

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What Others are Saying

Review by: B., San Mateo, CA - November 26, 2006
This book works!

This is the book you've been looking for. It's very well written, very well laid out, and gives you exactly what you need to win the battles in your mind over addictions, lust, insecurity, self doubt, weight, etc. If you, like Pastor Treat, ever spent some time walking in the world before you got saved, then you need this book! It would make a great men's group study book. It's an excellent book to use in small groups, and a must read for every new Christian. This is actually one of my top 20 all time Christian books. Except for new releases, I've read nearly everything Harrison House has published. I love their library of books and I this is one of my favorites.