By (author): Anne Gimenez
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 224
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781606836651
Case Count: 56
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Price: $14.99

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Anne Gimenez knows about God's divine Resurrection Life. In 2010, she suddenly fell ill and after being rushed to a hospital in Palm Beach, Florida, doctors told her daughter, Robin. she would not live through the night.

For the following 12 days she was told over and over her mother would not and could not live through that day. Anne went into total organ shut down, she was on life support and her heart went down to only 10% function. The final diagnosis was "viral myocarditis."

A virus had attacked her heart and caused the organs to shut down. "Younger people than your mother drop dead with this virus," doctors told her. Robin's reply was "You don't know my mother...She will live."

After 12 days, Anne awoke to find she could not move except to turn her head. "Am I paralyzed," she asked? "I can't move!" Believing she was dying, she had not been moved or turned for nearly 3 weeks. "Why don't they give me something to eat? Robin answered "they are not sure you can still swallow!" Every muscle had become atrophied and she could not move.

"She will need to go to a nursing home" doctors told her daughter. If she survives, she will need a heart transplant as well as a new Kidney and a new Liver."

Miraculously, Anne required no transplants and today, she is fully recovered. Read the amazing story of how Anne was rescued from death's door and how this same God can bring healing power into your life today. With God, you can experience Resurrection Life NOW!

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